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Lainston House, Hampshire

Lainston House, you did not disappoint. This 17th- century mansion in Hampshire was dreamy beyond words.

I often say about my love for “Oldy worlde” things. It’s the history behind it that I love the most.

I wasn’t aware of our visit to the mansion until we arrived, it was a total surprise.

As we drove along the road leading up to Lainston House my eyes were beaming.

Although I was the passenger in the car and not the driver, my foot was pushing hard on an imaginary accelerator in the hope we would get there quicker as soon as I saw in the distance this magnificent building.

It was practically night time when we arrived. The mansion was lit up by tall street lanterns and lights on in each room beaming out of every window so you could see the beauty of the inside outside.

I was so thrilled. In fact I haven’t been as excited to be somewhere for quite some time. I was so impressed by this building and the grounds surrounding it.

Our room was incredibly cute and cosy. The room was named “Laurel”, I laughed at this because Mark likes Laurel & Hardy so it was a coincidence really.

The en suite had a huge shower and bath tub with double sinks along with ambient lighting. Having a bath is one of my favourite things to do and that to me is a luxury anyway.

The room was perfect for us for the evening. Placed on the bed was an owl teddy that is used instead of a “Do not Disturb” sign, we admired it in our room.

Also in the room is a tablet that has information about the hotel rather than your normal folder that you see at hotels. How very modern but I liked it. I spent a few minutes reading on the tablet about the history of the hotel.

Time for dinner and the best was yet to come. We had the most amazing looking and tasting dishes I have had in such a long time. The attention to detail was impressive.

I even tried food I wouldn’t even consider eating purely because it looked so nice.

The staff were incredibly friendly and they did an amazing job especially as they were serving so many meals. We must of had about 7 or 8 dishes each served to our table. Each time the staff were attentive and made us feel really comfortable.

We ate squid, duck, a variety of cheese with my favourite being goats cheese, mushroom soup, salmon, pasta and we had a mixture of desserts that all tasted absolutely delicious.

Those that know me, know I don’t really eat fish, but I’ve eaten more fish in the last month than I have my entire life. I really enjoyed the pasta and cheese.

What a fabulous job everyone and the Chef too! Thank you. Truly impressed.

It was an early start in the morning so we had breakfast which was yummy too and then we got our things together and checked out. Everything just ran so smoothly and there wasn’t anything that I could fault. It’s a 5 star service.

Although it was a very short visit I throughly enjoyed my experience at Lainston House.

Lainston House is part of the Exclusive Hotels & Venues group so if you are unable to visit this mansion you can find your nearest Hotel here

That’s not all….You can have cookery lessons, visit the spa, try out falconry, the list goes on…we didn’t have the opportunity to try out the activities due to time but I can imagine you’ll have a great time if you went.

I would highly recommend visiting Lainston House in Hampshire as it truly is a great place.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and I hope if you do get the opportunity to go, you have an amazing time.

With Love Mel x


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