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Life and Little things

It’s the little things that really make me smile.

I am a sucker for little gestures, small things that some people take for granted. Things like making a cup of tea in the morning for someone, giving someone a compliment, little token gifts that are unexpected.

The little things to me are a big deal. The grand gestures are nice don’t get me wrong but those can be costly and I’m not that type of person to want things like that. Yes for some it’s nice to be gifted with something luxurious and expensive but you know what, not many people can do that for others everyday. So, the little things are more precious because they are inexpensive and the majority are free.

To give a compliment, make dinner, to talk, be open and honest, it’s just nice to offer those things. I have thought about this often just recently, I am moving up a gear in my business and I think about what I have achieved and about my future goals. My life has changed for the better, I visit great places, eat fabulous food and I am surrounded by amazing people but I worked hard for that. I am able to do great things and I am grateful but, it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the small things because I do.

My friend told me this week she saw something in a shop and thought of me so purchased a book she knew I would love, it was unexpected, it’s a lovely thing to do. She said it made her laugh when she saw it. I have had dinner made for me recently again, unexpected and turned out to be the most delicious homemade meal I have had in a while.

I always make a point of holding the door for people, that to me is just common courtesy but some people don’t do that. I will always offer my seat on the train or tube for the elderly. I made a right tit of myself the other morning though on my commute to work. I saw an elderly man standing in the isle, holding onto the handrail with one hand and the other hand with a tissue to his nose. He was dabbing it rather than wiping his nose and it became evident that he was having a nose bleed. I couldn’t get up to walk to him due to the train being packed to tell him he could have my seat so, I started to wave my hand in the air. I did this for what seemed like a very long time to get his attention. Finally, we locked eyes and he managed to lip read me saying “Come and take my seat” he waved his red stained tissue in the air shouting “It’s ok, it’s just a nose bleed’ I thought a few things actually at that point, he didn’t understand what I was saying, did he think I didn’t know it was a nose bleed?, how long was I waving at him only for the offer of my seat to be turned down. Well, I was only person that offered my seat and that should be the law. Give up your seat for the elderly and anyone else who needs it!

Unexpected collaborations with amazing people. I have such wonderful followers who are so supportive of Melita Latham London that I am surprised everyday by the little gestures people make. It’s a business and not many things are free when it comes to business but it appears kind hearted people will offer help and support because it’s just a nice thing to do and they are nice people.

I don’t want anything grand in my life, I just want cute and small. I want happiness and laughter. I want that for everyone actually. Happiness and laughter, that’s what it is all about. Life is getting hectic but I always think about the things people do for each other. I smile inside and out when I have made others smile.

I do have a bad habit though, if I am in public and something happens that really should be no concern of mine, I make it my concern. I asked another guy on the tube if he was ok, his face looked like he was about to cry, he said he was ok but I still asked. Should I have done? He was a complete stranger but I found myself checking to make sure he was genuinely ok.

Sharing food is nice, to give cuddles, to make time for people, to thank and wish people well, to say good morning and goodnight, those little things should not be taken for granted.

To leave a tip in a restaurant if you are able to afford it, to ask how someone’s day has been, to lend something to someone in need of it. It’s just basic stuff but those gestures are what I remember the most.

It’s random video’s sent via text of my niece and nephew because I can’t see them as often as I’d like, it’s those WhatsApp video messages of things you really don’t want but people take the time to send to you, it’s the thought that you are in someone else’s thoughts in a positive way. Running to the chemist to get medicine. It’s so many things that I adore that just make me smile throughout my life.

What about that favourite chocolate bar or crisps you like, or in my case sausages. A sausage sandwich just for me without even having to ask. I do exactly that for others especially when it comes to food. I’m smiling now thinking of the nice things people do for me. It’s storing my business products to help me out instead of paying for storage. It’s being in a group chat to be part of something special. It’s all so much more than that in my heart it’s a massive deal those little things to me.

Do something nice for others. It’s often free.

How has your week been? Mine has been another lengthy old week. It’s going to be a crazy few weeks though but I am SUPER excited about it. I am celebrating St Patricks day in my birth town, I am going on holiday, I’ll be shopping and dining with friends I haven’t seen for a while and all whilst setting up the website. I have a business account now and so it’s all going on. I can’t wait to share it all with you.

Enjoying life and the little things is what makes most chaotic days seem that bit better.

Take the time to make someone smile with a small gesture from you.

Keep smiling. With Love Mel

Photo by Raghouse Studio of Lorna Oakley (@_stylust_)


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