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Loch Ness, Scotland

A quick update: This weekend my boyfriend and I visited Loch Ness, Scotland. Obviously we went to Loch Ness specifically to look for Nessie, the monster. We hoped we would find her.

Unfortunately we didn’t have much luck seeing the prehistoric creature so we’ll wait in anticipation until someone does.

The weekend was to start the birthday celebrations for my boyfriend. It kind of didn’t go to plan and turn out how I would have wanted it to if I am honest. I wasn’t very organised which is unusual for me. I have been planning other things and I should have prioritised a bit better. That said, we have lots of great things coming up so I hope the real celebrations are successful on the day.

Loch Ness is definitely a place to visit if you either want to do the following things: Nothing. If you want to just sit and chill and look at the scenery with some peace and quiet this would be ideal if you would like some downtime. If you like walking or cycling then it’s an awesome place for that. The long and winding roads are perfect for going on a trek and to great buttocks cycling on your bike. Or if you don’t want to see anyone for a long period of time then go to Foyers.

We stayed in Foyers, with a population of 276 people it literally feels like the end of the earth. For miles and miles it’s just forests of which Loch Ness runs through, the loch itself is 22.5 miles long. Here’s a fact for you; Loch Ness holds more water than all of the lakes and rivers of England and Wales combined. Unbelievable right!

Day one we stayed pretty local near our lodge, we headed down to the Loch and walked around there for a bit, we then walked to Falls of Foyers to see the waterfall and made our way to the local cafe and shop. I honestly couldn’t get my head around why people would live here. I mean the nearest supermarket is like 30 minutes away in the car. It just shows that I am so used to the city with the hustle and bustle that the peace and quiet made me feel really odd. I felt like I should be doing something. I must have seen 10 of the 276 people living here in the 2 days we were in Foyers. Just bizarre.

Day two we visited Inverness. It’s a small town with very little to do on a Sunday. I would suggest heading down on a Saturday so you can at least browse in the shops.

Although it was a pleasant trip away, the weather was nice, the view was lovely, we’ve been to some awesome places but this lacked something extra special. I suppose there is only so much of a loch you can look at after a while before it’s like right…It’s a big loch. Perhaps it wasn’t so bad after all in hindsight but I am one for getting up doing things and just general running around.

I slept in one morning and honestly I was in a panic. I can’t remember the last time I stayed in bed past 8am on a weekend. That was definitely a lay in for me. The feeling I had was overwhelming like I had missed half the day. You can do so much in the mornings, well I can anyway.

Reality is, I actually came away from this weekend away with some really intense thoughts about life and who I am as a person. Although this trip was intended as a break from the madness I thought a lot about how I have managed to deal with the chaos and honestly I don’t know how I have done it, but I have, and I do. I think when you visit somewhere as quiet as Foyers you do reflect somewhat. I did.

The flights were ok though to Inverness, we fell asleep on the journey there and back. I hate flying. I can do it but I don’t necessarily have to like it.

When we landed back in the UK it was straight back to the grind. I was thrilled to see my office desk at home piled with paper. It was a reminder of the life I lead and that’s a busy one. I was super excited that we had received delivery of our dining room table. It looks beautiful in our living room cove. I’ll share the pictures once it’s complete. It’s gorgeous and it’s quickly becoming one of my favourite parts of our home.

So whats coming up next? Spending a fair bit of time in London over the next few weeks so I’ll share whats happening with you all over on my twitter & instagram page. or you can follow me on 

Again as always thank you for taking the time to read.

With Love Mel x


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