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London Calling

London most definitely called the last few weeks. The weeks have flown by, but where better to be than good ole’ London.

From Tower Bridge, Covent Garden, Wembley Stadium to Stratford it was all go go go!

October consisted of carving pumpkins at the house which was really entertaining especially considering Mark wasn’t too keen on scooping out the flesh of the pumpkin. His pumpkin turned out really really well. He was very proud of his efforts too.

We also had a trip to Brighton for a few nights, personally for me it was lovely. I do miss Brighton. All year round Brighton is such a buzzy place but for me this time of year is totally awesome.

It has been a hectic few weeks business wise. In the next few month’s I am hoping the hard work and effort gone in by myself and my PR director will pay off. I honestly have some exciting things to tell you but can’t until I’ve dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s as they say.

I have already begun wrapping Christmas presents, it’s now November but I actually started buying gifts and accessories in September, I think I may have mentioned this on Twitter.

Anyway, whilst in London we did a whole bunch of touristy things. I know that I take for granted just how beautiful London is sometimes. Walking along London Bridge was a particular delight with my mint ice cream in my hand (even though it was something like 5 degrees) I really enjoyed taking in the sights. The bridge itself has detailing that is so exquisite that more often than not I hardly ever notice. I noticed that day.

We also went to an Escape Room near the Shard building and it was pretty fun. We had all of 2 minutes to go before being trapped in (hypothetically speaking) but we escaped. If you have never participated in an Escape room you should give it a go. It is a laugh, only if you don’t take things to seriously though. Last time I went to an Escape room there were 5 of us in Canterbury, Kent. We had to save the planet from an Alien attack, yep that’s right! We did indeed save the planet.

London at night is beautiful. The skyscraper buildings all lit up and the city really doesn’t sleep. I am so looking forward to next month (December) when I have a few things scheduled in London. A work Christmas party, a meal with my friends, shopping trips, and I am also hoping there will be a Melita Latham London event. The plan is early December but with a tight schedule as it is I am not sure but I’ll keep you informed.

This year we are doing a pretty cool thing for secret Santa with my friends. We have done this a few times now but this year I just know it will be that little bit EXTRA as they say. So the rules for our group secret Santa are that you have a spend limit of £5 per person and you have to buy the gift from a Charity shop. This years theme is “Ornaments”.

Whilst walking around London I had the new Melita Latham London backpack with me. It’s so stylish. The quilted back is so comfortable and it was given a lot of attention. Prior to a football match that I attended (Spurs vs Man City- I am a Chelsea fan) your bags go through security obviously to make sure you haven’t got anything on your possession that you shouldn’t have. The security guard also mentioned how lovely it was. I must say it does look the part and really attracts the right sort of attention.

What else is new with me? Well the adopted cat has a routine now. He wakes us up at 5.30am for food and it really is like having a child. At the time I don’t want to be woken up with a cold wet nose pushing my face but when I think about it now he is just adorable.

Mark and I had a relaxing weekend just gone which was lovely. We had a meal at a restaurant that had live music, we participated in with a few claps during the song whilst trying to eat our meal.

The both of us are just ridiculous sometimes in a good way. We do silly things and we laughed which is actually all I want to do every day. The service wasn’t the best but the restaurant recovered as they knew they had made a few errors. That’s important if you know you have made a mistake, rectifying it is incredibly important.

I had a great weekend with Mark because we could both relax. We didn’t need to rush around to be in places at certain times. It was so laid back and very much needed. We did some food shopping and Christmas shopping at our leisure. He is like the cat so adorable. Well I have to say he is much more adorable than the cat.

Christmas is coming…

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Thank you to all the lovely bloggers too that have been writing posts and sharing images on social media the last few weeks it has been awesome.

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Keep smiling. With Love Mel x


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