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Oh hello!

Oh hello again, it’s been a while I know…too long.

I’ve missed writing but life generally get’s in the way and therefore free time goes out the window.

However, I’m back and boy have I got some amazing places I’ve been to recently that I’ll be sharing on my Food & Travel page. Keep an eye out for those!

So what’s new? How are you all?

What’s new with me? I’ve mainly been getting on with life with a few nice things in between.

January was a bit slow and getting back into a routine after time off was hard work but February has been much better.

Done a few things this month so far. We had a trip to Clacton on Sea and and enjoyed a bit of Car Pool Karaoke on the way!

Check out my instagram posts I have been uploading our journeys over there. I never realised Clacton was a sandy beach and miles and miles of it too.

Myself and Mark stayed at an amazing place Lainston House Hotel of which you can read the full review in my Food & Travel section.

It was valentines day and I received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers I have ever received in my life from Mark. They were gorgeous especially the Birds of paradise (They had a lead-time apparently) so very well thought out.

He also bought me a cushion from The Drifting Bear Company I cried. It was so thoughtful. The places we visited last year are printed on the cushion with a special message on it too.

I enjoyed spending quality time with the cat whilst doing a spring clean in the house albeit it should be a winter clean but I love a good clean and tidy home. The cat loves hiding and jumping out in front of us when we least expect it, I didn’t mind him sitting in the washing basket after I had emptied it out. It meant he was preoccupied for a while with his new hiding place.

The story about the cat if I haven’t mentioned is when we moved in to our place “The cat” would appear at the steps to the house but didn’t enter, gradually as time went on he would get that little bit further in the house and wonder back out until eventually he would come in and make himself at home. The reality is, it was his home before we moved in. The owners left him of which is super sad but I am glad they did as I adore him. Although our neighbours adopted him before we arrived I like to think we can share him.

We have also had a night away in the countryside this month to relax so that was lovely but now it’s back to hard graft again.

It may sound like we have done lots of nice things but in between those odd 3 or 4 days out it definitely was not a rest period.

I hope we have a good weekend though as I am planning a trip for us to Little Venice and Camden market, London. I am sure it will be awesome. The weather is going to be great.

This time last year we had snow and lots of it too. Right now the sun is shining and it’s glorious!

Last night we had another attempt at an Escape room and it was my first time not escaping. Didn’t manage to complete in the 60 minutes which was a little disappointing. We had fun though so that was the main thing!

There should be a few articles coming out soon with the brand Melita Latham London making special appearances in so watch this space as I’ll be hot on my social media in the coming weeks and picking it right back up from where I left it…

March is looking a lot better too…I’ll be heading back to Spain for a weekend but I do hope the flight is a lot better than last time as it was rather turbulent. I’ll keep you updated on Twitter.

I haven’t mentioned though the tears and frustration on the bad days in Jan & Feb but I wouldn’t want to pass on any negative vibes! Although some days it might seem like it may not get better it will! Be strong and try and have fun! We are only human!

I’ll share our next road trip in full over here, Instagram, Twitter and guess what I am branching out to YouTube I have so much content that I have to share with you. Come on in to the mad house! That’s what I should call it I think!

Thanks again for taking the time to read my post and keep an eye out on my hotel recommendations that I have been to recently.

With Love from Mel, Mark & Jack “The Cat”


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