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Grey Trinket Tray
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Melita Latham Slimline Clutchbag
Melita Latham London Card Holder
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September Squash

Squash Racket
Squash Dunlop Racket & Adidas Trainers

Can you believe it’s September already? I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by.

I haven’t shared an update for a while so thought I would fill you in.

This year so far has been tough. Last year was totally amazing, so I can only put it down to swings and roundabouts. You win some you lose some.

Every month there has been something that has either made me a bag of nerves, sad, happy, overwhelmed, literally all the emotions you can think of I’ve had them this year.

Currently, I am trying to complete my bucket list. It’s not the end of the world if I have to carry my goals over much like you would (if you can) carry over holidays at work.

I will keep soldiering on trying to achieve those personal targets.

Anyway, some good news! We have joined a local gym. Mark likes to play squash! Although he hasn’t played for some time, he warmed up his racket and ball, put on his trainers and had a game!

I am clearly rubbish at squash although I have never played it before. I am a ballerina on the squash court, spinning around to hit the ball.

Mark continually reminds me to stand on two feet rather than hover and swing round on one.

My pirouette practice may mean I’ll get a casting opportunity in The Nutcracker for Christmas.

I don’t think after one game I fully understand what it is all about although, Mark has taught me some handy tips and tricks. Gently hit the ball he says, over and over, on the occasion I did manage to hit the ball that is.

I observed him, he’s fast and powerful. Whereas I am slow and clumsy. I hold the racket incorrectly, like I am playing tennis.

He shows me again, and again. I don’t understand!

For a start, in squash, the courts are far too small in my opinion. I must have hit the walls more time than I did the ball. Along with the floor as the ball rolled back to me after my mediocre hits.

The ball appears the size of marble when it’s going at speed. All I can imagine is being knocked out by this tiny ball at a speed of 100 mph.

Mark tells me to run after the ball.

I look at him with some confusion.

I stand waiting for the ball to return to me.

He talk’s to me in squash jargon. Nope. No idea.

Those fears and issues aside, I am determined to play a half decent game with him because I know he enjoys it.

In other news:

This week I will be on a Marketing course so it will be amazing for the business I work in and my own business to learn new skills. I can’t wait to personally develop in this area as I really enjoy it.

We were fortunate enough to visit the Royal Pavilion and Museum as a Press Visit along with The Walrus Restaurant in Brighton. If you are planning to visit Brighton, I’d recommend you have a read and make plans to pop into the Pavilion.

West Pier
West Pier Brighton

We also have another Press Visit to Spa in London and we will be enjoying a couple’s massage and thermal spa afterwards. I’ll fill you in on the details of that soon.

Sorry I have been absent for a bit, but I am back and I will be more active online.

Come and join me over on my Instagram pages 

Or say hello over on Twitter

See you all very soon.

With Love Mel x


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