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Grey Trinket Tray
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Melita Latham London Card Holder
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What’s in my backpack?

So what is really in my backpack? Let’s have a look.

When I am on the go, the last thing I think about is neatly putting a million receipts in my bag, so I just chuck it all in. It’s like Groundhog Day everyday until I have 5 minutes spare and think I’ll just sort the contents and get some order again. It’s always great when I find a few coins loose in the bottom of my bag. They head straight to the money jar.

My backpack has so many compartments so it does an amazing job of separating the rubbish with the essentials. So here’s a look at what I carry around with me everyday.


I take my laptop with me everywhere. It fits perfectly in my backpack and is really lightweight so I am able to carry it around with ease. I use it daily so it has to be with me wherever I go. To go with my laptop I also have a notepad and TWO pens to hand for any thoughts I have that I can quickly jot down for reference later on. The reason why I have 2 pens is because I rarely find one in work when I need one so I carry two just incase.

Mobile Phone & Chargers

I have a problem with chargers. I have one which would charge my phone to 100% after one charge but then my boyfriend gave me another one that would charge up my phone at least three times before it would run out of battery. Currently I have been using my boyfriends one as I haven’t charged up the other two since they ran out. My mobile phone battery lasts a few hours due to the amount of time I need to spend on it. Obviously to update you all on my Twitter page too.


Dove deodorant is my preference and I rarely buy anything else. It’s such a lovely fresh smell and it lasts all day. DKNY be delicious perfume is also with me on my travels. I love sweet perfumes so this is a current favourite. These are with me for a quick freshen up.


I have hairbands everywhere. House, car, work, washing machine, literally all over the place. I buy them in the bundles that you can get, It tends to be when I am standing in a queue to pay and they have the impulse buys tempting you. I fall for this all the time. Somehow like pens loose them all. The cycle continues until I end up with a potential hairband business. I have long, thick hair as you will know from my previous post regarding my haircare routine. I have to have a few hairbands with me on my wrist too so hairbands are an essential for me.

Cardholder/Business Cards/Passport

Yep, I hold all the cards. I rarely carry cash. I recently had a clear out of my cards because my purse was just getting so full of shop reward cards. All I carry now is my bank cards, my driving licence and my business cards. They sit snug in my Melita Latham London card holder. I have the brown card holder as it’s gorgeous. I also carry my passport with me as I never know when I might need it. I’ll be needing it this weekend!

Hand Sanitiser/Mints/Tissues

My essentials. I have to carry these around. Travelling in and out of London is the worst. The tube should be remained germ central. Cramped up against each other, holding on to the railings to stop yourself playing human dominos. It’s just urgh… So the hand santizer protects me and the mints are great instead of chewing gum constantly as I get jaw ache and a headache if I chew for too long. Tissues, I never used to carry these but my boyfriend has an issue with the tissues (Yay to the rhyme) So I carry tissues for him really.


If you choose to be obvious to these facts I’ll enlighten you. Females have periods. Yes. I carry them around not only for me but for anyone else if they are in desperate need for one. I do keep a note in my diary of my due on dates, I actually have it scheduled under the word ‘Arsenal” So my not so secret code anymore is ‘Arsenal are playing at home this week’ that basically means don’t talk to me the week before, during and the week after because I’ll be an arse. Also the football teams kit is red if you haven’t already guessed.

House Keys/Sunglasses/Contact Lenses

My house keys are like the bane of my life, we have a key hanger type thing in the house but I rarely put my on the little hooks, I leave them on the side or forget where I leave them then I hunt around for ages to only find they are camouflaged in the place I looked a million and one times previously.

I have a few pairs of sunglasses, my original Raybans in the car which have been in there since I last drove it, it was ages ago. My cheap pair that I bought because I forgot to get them from the car and new Raybans that were bought for me because I was wearing the cheap pair. I quite liked them if I am honest but they were not protecting my eyes at all apparently. I like the fact I could just throw them down and it didn’t matter if they got scratched as they were worth nothing.


I love my make up but again due to constantly being in a rush every morning…Well, I say this but…this is how my mornings look on a weekday… after eating my bagels in bed and drinking my tea that is made for me by my boyfriend, showering, watching my clothes being ironed because he is just a dream to look at (I could actually use this time to do half a decent job in the morning) and also drying my hair in the mornings mean that I am a bit flustered. Load the dishwasher, empty the washing machine, reload, play about with Alexa and chat for a bit then before you know we are off to work. In case of an emergency appointment after work like going straight out to dinner I have these on hand to spruce up.


Due to being self employed I have to keep all my receipts so I end up with an entire compartment in my bag with receipts, train tickets and invoices. A forest full in my bag. Reality is I could just scan them using an app on my phone and then recycle them. I end up sorting them out in bulk at the end of the month which takes twice as long. I really need to get out of that bad routine and just take a snap straight away.

So all in all, that’s pretty much it for my day to day backpack contents. It does the job my backpack. I have my arms free to swing them about or have a drink in one hand and phone in the other so backpacks are definately the way forward. I can’t bare the thought of rushing around pulling up the strap on a normal handbag during the day especially in this heat. Gah, what a drama. That would get right on my nerves. Backpacks are the future to less commuter stress. It’s super stylish too.

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With Love Mel x


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