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Card Holder
Grey Trinket Tray
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Melita Latham Slimline Clutchbag
Melita Latham London Card Holder
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how I get organised

How I get organised takes a lot of time and effort but I couldn’t live my life without some kind of structure.

I have three calendars all in sync with each other on my phone, laptop and a paper copy on my home office desk.

Mark and I sat down last Sunday morning scheduling plans for the next 3 months and it feels great having a plan.

We both have extremely busy lives and not a day goes by where we haven’t got to do something, call someone or go somewhere.

In light of the above I have to keep a track of what’s planned. If I put it on paper or in my calendar I can forget about it for the time being. Sometimes I’ll use Siri or Alexa to set reminders when I am on the go.

There is one area though that should be the most organised at home but it’s visibly not. It’s my office desk. I probably tackle that every other week, not enough but it’s an organised mess I tell myself, others don’t agree.

Everything has a place in the house and at work. I say this a lot “A place for everything and everything in it’s place”.

Top Tips

  • Write things down/make a “To do list”. Like me, if you rely on remembering you’ll be sure to forget. Take it from your brain temporarily until the reminder you set comes to do the task and then you can start to think about it.
  • Find a place for everything and if possible only keep out the things you need.
  • Declutter. I must say if I don’t use something for a period of time I’ll give it to charity, sell it or if it can’t be used throw it away.
  • Give myself deadlines to complete things. This can work one or two ways, if you want to be organised then it should work. Setting yourself a deadline to some may mean one or two things, wait until the very last minute to do something. Not ideal, but if you get the job done and don’t procrastinate then great or set a realistic time scale to enable you to fit in any other priorities.
  • Clean & Tidy up regularly. I know in my mind that if everything is clean and tidy then it makes me feel so much better I can then focus my energy on sorting out emails etc… in a clean and cosy environment.
  • Devote 10-15 minutes a day planning if you can. I tend to do this after work when I get home. Have a little clear up and then gather my thoughts to prepare a plan.

It’s not just about organising what is in front of my face but what’s in my mind too. Negativity is a no no!

There are people you will come across in life that just breed negativity. Those are the ones I block out. Do the same you will only feel better for it. One less problem to worry about.

In the next few month’s we have a fair bit planned, but on the plus side I’ll have so much to share with you about the exciting places we’ll be visiting. It’s October and I am already planning February…Valentines! Yay!

Planning ahead means I have time to become more creative and find fun things to do which is to me what it’s all about, fun and laughter, it also saves money too.

We all have that someone in our lives that would buy things at the last minute, especially at Christmas, and end up spending a fortune and buying something that is not really that good at all.

That person was me more often than not, I would generally forget. Hence why if I get a head start and plan, everything just flows.

I often do things spontaneously which means that plans I have made go out the window, sometimes that’s a good thing. More often than not, I alter plans to give myself a break which is a contradiction I know, but sometimes things change.

November & December are busy months, both personally and work wise. I will be attending some events promoting the Melita Latham London brand and attending a few festive parties also. I’ll be flying twice in December but I’ll share more details about the destinations nearer the time. I am excited!

So, as you can imagine with Halloween, Christmas, New years, promotional work, holidays and generally working it does get chaotic. Plenty of birthdays coming up too!

The most important here when it comes to keeping organised is taking time out to write your list, put things in order of priority and knock each one off, one by one.

The list I have is quite long. I’d love to say I wish I didn’t have so many things to do but actually, I am just someone that has to be busy. Rarely do I sit and do nothing for a long period of time.

It’s great crossing out each “Thing to do” I really feel like I am getting somewhere and it is a weight off my shoulders. I then have more time for the nicer and finer things….like snuggling up on the sofa with Mark. Rest is super important, taking that time out to recoup.

If you have any top tips on how you stay organised please feel free to comment and share your routine I’d love to know.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Hope you have a proactive day.

With Love Mel x


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