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Melita Latham London in Full swing

Melita Latham London is in full swing and I am excited about it! It’s now the middle of June and the weather is absolutely lovely. I am not sure how long this weather will last though, typically after a day or two of sunshine, the heavy rain follows. I am not one for scorching hot weather so it kinda suits me. I like variety.

I actually cannot remember the last time I wrote a post. As usual my working life and personal life takes over and I have no time to actually sit down and think so, I thought I would catch up with you all and let you know what I have been up to.

Melita Latham London is now in full swing. It’s hard work though juggling but I am looking for an intern as I really do need to delegate some of the nice stuff some would say…Social media, Purchasing, social events those types of activities. I really cannot fit it all in. In a few months perhaps but now my brain is already in overload.

The Melita Latham London products are amazing, I’m not being biased, I don’t think, I have had my backpack for a long time and it’s still looking great and it carries literally what feels like a tonne of bricks, it’s doing me proud. I also have a Melita Latham London card holder in my backpack and I honestly love it.

I’d love for you to check out my online store and send me your feedback either through here or send me a message on Twitter @melita_latham 🙂 If you place an order today all products are gift wrapped and sent to you the next day.

I was in London last week, it’s been a while since I was there actually, considering I would be in London pretty much every week once upon a time and now I rarely go. I attended a business meeting regarding more products for the Melita Latham London range, I went to the Rosewood Hotel and it’s gorgeous inside. I sat there for ages after my meeting watching the world go by. I have though got some exciting new colour ways for the Card holders so watch this space.

I’ve also been home furnishing…I have a thing about little things as you would know from my previous posts. From Tea towels to glass tumblers, I like them to be personal to me. So the tea towels are cute with little love hearts on and slogans that mean something to me. I would spend a little bit more in time and money on something like that than say others would, they may perhaps think it’s just a tea towel, and to some it doesn’t need to have all bells & whistles on, not for me though bells and whistles galore. It would take me ages searching the internet for that perfect item.

The spiders in the house though really do get on my nerves. The other morning I turned round in the bathroom and there was a huge spider just doing what appeared to me like some kind of synchronised swim, using it’s legs to push itself round in a circle. Obviously, it was trying to get out but it looked like it was having fun to me, spinning around, weeeeeeee. They just are everywhere and taking over. It’s out of control, honestly.

In general, I am happy, happier than I have been in a very long time, as with most things in life though we face a few hurdles but I have no doubt I can jump those and leave them in the past. I am very much a forward thinker, I look to the future rather than dwell on the past. I move on quickly from most issues and think about how I can make my future better. Why spend the time agonising about the past, I honestly think it wastes so much energy for what? Think about yourself and live your own life, that’s what I say. Those are my words of wisdom for today. I am living my life and I am determined to make sure it’s with maximum fun!

I am in week 2 of my 12 week keep fit programme. As some of you may or may not know, a few months ago I fell over whilst away (I was sober) my lifesaver didn’t quite catch me in time and I ended up with a torn ligament in my ankle. That immediately put a stop to my love of running. It’s now much better and I have started putting a little bit more strain on it whilst doing my beloved squats. I’ll keep you updated with my progress throughout the weeks.

I’d like to use this opportunity to say a BIG thanks to my new subscribers, I haven’t been able to thank you each time, my apologies. I will definitely make more time to thank you all for connecting. Social media is so hard sometimes. I wish I could understand Pinterest and Tumblr though, I get people following me and I literally have no idea how to use it. I need to google or attend a masterclass. I started using Vero a few months back, they said that was supposedly going to be like Instagram and Twitter combined…For a day or two it was all the rage, it then kinda fell away. I’m still getting connections there. Clueless.

Coming up soon I have a Melita Latham London product photoshoot with the awesome Lauren Dudley. Lauren is now a freelance photographer but has worked with Vogue and Grazia and is just completely badass. I think she is fabulous! I can’t wait to share those photos with you once completed.

I have missed writing my posts so much so, I will make sure I write another this week. I’m thinking home furnishings…I’ve read a lot of these lately and it appears they are becoming quite popular so maybe one of those and perhaps a “Cooking on the BBQ” post? With the weather currently as it is, we may as well use the opportunity to have a BBQ and share those culinary skills.

Don’t forget to check out the Melita Latham London website. Exciting times!

I’d love to hear from you… 🙂

With Love Mel


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