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My Beauty Tips & Tricks

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Make up and me, we have such a love hate relationship. I have so many different routines. So many combinations. So much time is wasted for me applying it when I am always late and in a hurry.

My everyday make up is very basic with perhaps smoky eyes and nude lips but when I go ‘out out’ I go wild.

So I have some tricks I use that help save time and help my skin. I won’t bore you with my full routine but I can share a few tips.

I live and breathe Micellar water for removal of make up and cleansing my face. I buy the 400ml bottle along with the smaller travel bottle (at the same time). I like to have one handy with cotton pads on the go cleansing rather than wipes and the larger one at home. I do use make-up wipes to take off the majority of my make-up first but I feel they really don’t remove it all and they just spread bacteria so I use the water and a fresh pad after every area of my face has been cleansed. For those that know me and my routine I use say 20 pads for one removal of make-up. I buy a lot of cotton pads. It’s not that I cake my face in make-up I just love that cleansed feeling.

I have another use for cotton pads whilst I am on the subject. When I apply dark eye shadows to my eyes for that sultry look, I place a cotton pad under my eye and apply the eyeshadow to my eyelid, that then prevents an excess eyeshadow falling on your face whether you have put your foundation on before or after your eyes. It works for me and saves me cleaning up those panda eyes after. Tissue is also useful.

I am pretty nifty when applying eyeliner, I can do this with ease, however if you do want to get that neat ‘flick’ you could use masking tape to guide you or like I do, place your small finger on your cheek bone almost like its a resting place and this stops any shaking so you can fully apply using one motion.

I love eyelashes as you’ll read on my other beauty post. I use tweezers to place on my lashes as you’ll find you have a better grip when putting them in position. I just LOVE eyelashes. If you don’t use false eyelashes then your standard eye lash curler does the trick although replace the rubber every so often or leave it to soak to clean away dry mascara.

My make-up comes with me everywhere, I don’t necessarily wear it everyday, I do like my skin to breathe now and again but it’s there just incase I want to change my look throughout the day. I carry with me Foundation, Bronzer, highlighter, Mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss and my brow kit.

My brows are always the second to last thing in my make-up routine. Lipstick being the last. Brows take time and at least if I am in a hurry everything else has been applied I can do my brows on the go which is mostly how my mornings operate. I spend time faffing about before work, apply all my other make-up essentials and leave my eyebrows until the last minute. I have been using the “Brow Zings” kit by Benefit and I keep losing it so more often I’ll be like “I can’t find my eyebrows” It doesn’t make any sense to others either.

Using another Benefit product which actually is my favourite thing by far at the moment which is my Sun Beam highlighter. After applying all the primers and foundation I use this for my cheek bones and brow bones and it really does have liquid sunshine in a bottle. It’s gives off a great glow against my already bronzed cheeks. The key here though is to dab not rub. You’ll remove your foundation as it’s a liquid so it will just wipe it right off. So dabbing either with your fingertips or your sponge applicator.

I use bronzing balls and they can be a bit of a nightmare. I never use the sponge that you tend to get in the pots, I use a brush however, if you make the mistake of applying your brush to your face without allowing your foundation to dry that will then cause your matt bronzing balls to become a little bit moist (This is a clean post by the way) Soooo the tip here is to allow your face to dry. If you use a liquid foundation I would suggest you crush one of each colour of the balls (using the other end of your brush) and then swirl around the other bronzing balls to then absorb the small amount of liquid, this is if you don’t allow your face to dry then in turn get product on your brush.

For my lips I am currently using Skinny Dip Matt lipsticks and I love them. If you haven’t got a matt lipstick to hand fear not. I would suggest using a light powder foundation and apply using a small tipped brush and add to your lips this will mattify your lips. If you haven’t got powder then a light eyeshadow may work.

Benefit UK- Sum Beam

Over the years I have learnt a lot about make-up. I am not an expert by all means and nor do I want to be. I just know what suits me and my face. What I do know is that there is no right or wrong way to apply make-up nor what colour you choose to wear whether it be bright purple eyes or black lipstick.

I read a tweet the other day by Charlotte Tilbury, now if you are a fan of make-up you’ll know this brand but I just felt compelled to have an opinion. Charlotte said and I quote “My husband has never seen me without make-up…I even apply my famous smoky ‘bedroom eyes’ before we go to sleep” My response was “So your husband has never seen your true beauty?” There are some major flaws in her statement I thought. One being that it’s essential to remove your make-up so your pores are not clogged and  by doing this it prevent breakouts.  Another thing that bothered me is beauty is not about make-up its skin deep. I don’t think this statement came across how perhaps Charlotte would have wanted it to but, If that’s what tickles her fancy then fine but I thought it was a rather odd statement. I wonder if her husband actually stays awake to look at her bedroom eyes whilst she sleeps. If he doesn’t, all I can say is, “well, what a waste of effort Charlotte, because I’m sure whilst you are sleeping, your confidence is through the roof”.

I am about to make a Spectrum brush collection purchase and although Mac brushes are great, I am in love with the handle designs, really pretty and I love the stories about the owners of the brand. They have had a pretty hard time recently with a recent fire that wiped out the majority off their stock but, as most business women they pick themselves right up and get back to it. Brushes though again need washing, Foundation brushes I wash once a week and all other brushes maybe a couple of times a month depending on how often I have used certain brushes. If I haven’t got time (this is bad) I just buy another brush but a cheap one from boots or Superdrug until I can use the clean ones.

Soon I’ll be trying out those Benefit Mini’s and I’ll keep you updated on Twitter how I am getting along with those. I love something else to add in my Mary Poppins holdall. It’s never ending with all sorts in it. My holdall is starting to become my make-up case.

The question is for you all though…Beauty blender or finger tips to apply your foundation? I use both and actually certain foundations you can get more coverage with your fingers than a beauty blender but it really does depend on brand and type. I know many of you out there will always use a blender but time unfortunately for me is a problem. I again have a problem with using the same applicator over and over (I sound like such a germaphobe) I use the disposable sponges, after one or two applications its gone. So I use both, what do you prefer?

Catch up with you all very soon.

Thank you for all your continued support.

With Love Mel x

Do keep an eye out for the business post on GDPR that bloggers and businesses should take the time to read as the new law comes into play May 25th.


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