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To Post or not to post?

To post or not to post on social media?

Recently, I have had numerous discussions with different people about sharing snippet’s of our personal lives on social media, the good and the bad.

There are many reasons why we all use social media. Mostly, I use social media to assist with building my brand and share my experiences. I don’t post to instagram as regularly as I should. Sadly, I do the usual thing and take a million and one photo’s but never post them, it’s not like I am not short of content.

I also use social media to follow people with similar interests to me, specifically fashion and travel. I love to read about thier experiences. It is also great to read about the daily news. Trump in particular, my first thoughts are…”What has he said today that WILL cause havoc.”.

If I am honest, something that I loved to do previously has been somewhat tarnished by those who clearly can’t see past their own noses. Actively using social media for promotion will soon become part of me making a living. I have spent years understanding how to get the best out of my favourite social media sites, I have made some great friends online. Is it wrong to be sharing elements of my life on here and prepare for my future in business? Why do people think it’s sometimes a bad thing? I mean, I was not on Facebook up until recently but for years people would freely talk about stuff on there and it was acceptable then, why not now?

Reality is, many people look at my pages. Some may or may not like what they see. If it’s not for them I’d say move on and stop looking. We are not all the same, I don’t expect everyone to like my pages nor do I expect everyone to relate to it either. To add, I don’t follow anyone for the sake of it. I follow people because we have similar things in common.

It is disheartening that I have been feeling that I am obliged to change what I post. To post or not to post? That is the question I have been asking myself.  I don’t want to change. I want to be able to love what I do and why I do it and not feel compelled to be any different than before.

Why is there such a negative perception when people post on social media? I could understand if someone was posting doom and gloom all the time but I don’t. Does it mean the world revolves around us because we are posting? Or it revolves around us because we want people to read? (The genuine people that have the same interests as you that is). I want to share my experiences.

This is a place I can write my thoughts too and get things off my chest. It’s actually a cheaper form of counselling I would say. We are all entitled to have a voice and if it means I use this platform to do that then that’s my choice. I share food, travel, fashion, beauty and business. I also share how I am feeling.

Sure, it would be different if I was sharing details of material things handed to me on a plate and showing off about it but it’s all my own doing, everything I have, I earned. I am proud of my achievements because I have bloody worked hard for it.

I don’t continually post the glamorous side of life. If I am having a really rubbish day I’ll share it. I don’t always say how perfect my life is because it’s not, reality is, it’s far from it. I have to work hard to have a decent living. It doesn’t come for free and nor would I expect it to. I am relatable, my content is relatable, I work, I have a busy life, I do so many fun things outside of work and I run my own business.

It can be an extremely lonely place try to run a business on your own though. I can share my thoughts with other people but, it’s different to bouncing ideas around with say, a business partner. I have tried my very best to plough on but sometimes it can really pull you down, social media can be a great influence and can also be somewhat motivational for me. This is why I do what I do. I use these platforms to enhance my brand, find inspiration and plough on.

I’m super independent, I don’t rely on anyone. I am also very stubborn, this sometimes can be a drawback. I want to and tend to do most things on my own, if it goes wrong I am to blame, if I do it myself, I can say, “I did it”. This is why sometimes things take twice as long because I’d rather do things on my own.

Virgo’s are well known perfectionists,  hard workers and dedicated. I would say I am all of those. The reason why I have referred to my star-sign is because Virgo’s are extremely analytical, however, I am not actually bothered by people’s perception of me. I wouldn’t put myself in this position if I was. I do bizarrely though analyse other people and their motives. In my life I like things simple. Less complication the better. Let me be me and you be you. Live your life and I’ll live mine.

So, whilst typing this blog not only do I feel a sense of relief. something off my chest, but it’s given me the energy to start writing properly again. I’d absolute love it if you would subscribe to my newsletters and follow me on my journey. All you need to do is enter your email address at the top of this homepage and follow me on my social media channels. Click on the links for Twitter & Instagram in the header of my homepage.

I am going to do my very best to keep you all informed of what I will be getting up to over the next few months. Preparing for Halloween and Christmas which will be an incredibly exciting time! I have already started shopping for both. I am soooo ready for Pumpkin picking.

Hello to being extremely busy and Hello Autumn and Winter! Yay!

Thank you for taking the time to read. I’d love to know what you think when you are posting on social media and if you refrain from posting what you really feel?

Chins up!

With Love Mel x


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