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I travelled to Barcelona for the weekend and this is what I got up to.

The Montjuic Scooter tour which started at 10am on Saturday morning was great. Early bird catches the worm I say! We were staying in an airbnb not too far from the tour starting point. I have never been on a scooter before so this was a first for me.

I specifically chose the tour to Montjuic as the views from the hill overlooking Barcelona from the images looked awesome so I  thought we would try that. The Castle of Montjuic still remains today and you get a lovely view of the city’s harbour too.

The Tour was pretty scary initially as you are in the cycle lane of the busiest roads in Barcelona so whenever an oncoming car or cyclist past me I felt myself veering to the opposite direction in the hope I wouldn’t crash into them as there were no barriers.

On this tour you visit the 1992 olympic grounds and can clearly see that this has a massive impact on tourism. You also visit the grounds around Montjuic castle which are beautiful. Unfortunately I was concentrating (or not concentrating) so much on controlling the scooter I didn’t see half the sights.

I didn’t have any collisions with anyone or anything thank goodness I did however, hop off the scooter at one point but kept my hand on the accelerator which meant the scooter flung around from side to side. Disaster!

My brain took some time to engage with what was going on but eventually I managed to control it. It definately could have been a lot worse. A lot of laughter though. Mark and I was crying and it took some time for us to focus on the tour.

The tour guide was lovely, the weather was great and overall I enjoyed this two and a half hour tour. I would definitely recommend seeing as many sights as you can when you visit a different country. For me it makes the experience so much better.

Saturday evening we had a tour booked with Alex through Airbnb.  The bar tour itself was three hours visiting the unique bars of Barcelona. These bars are not your typical touristy bars and are well hidden you’d never know they were there. This is exactly what I liked about this tour, the hidden gems.

Bar Tour

Tacsa El Corral – This bar is well known for it’s “Pink Panther” drink known in Spanish as “Leche de Pantera”. Mark described this drink as Pepto-Bismol due to it’s colour.

We had a shot each of the “Pink Panther”  drink but I added cinnamon on top as I like the taste of that so if I didn’t like the drink itself I could disguise the taste with cinnamon, that was my thinking anyway.

I believe it was a mixture of gin, milk and food colouring. The bar itself is small but really quirky. They also have at the bar a counter full of their own homemade cheese and sausages to line your stomach.  Didn’t stay too long but seemed like a good place. Verdict 6/10

Sub Rosa – A small cocktail bar that you wouldn’t even know was there unless you really paid attention. The story behind this bar may seem a bit seedy to some but it intreguied me. The red lighting, theatre curtains as you enter the toilets and picture frames on every wall full of world wide fetishes. This is situated in the red light district and was once a place to go for that kinda stuff. I just loved the decor.

A bizarre thing also is there is a peep hole from the ladies toilets looking into the bar itself. Must have been for those women to use when making a decision on which man to approach. There are photos of every culture plastered on the ladies toilet what appears to be images from the Karma Sutra. Banana Monkey cocktail was delicious though a must try! Verdict 8/10

Cafe Ocana – Located in a beautiful square called Placa Real this vibrant and lively restaurant and bar is both luxurious and eccentric at the same time. It’s grand and cosy. With beautiful pieces of both modern and vintage it is a place where anything goes. At the entrance to Cafe Ocana we were greeted by drag queens wearing the most vibrant and colourful outfits. I really enjoyed our space down stairs with the live music in the background. If you wanted to eat here you will also benefit from live music whilst you dine upstairs. I did enjoy my time here. Verdict 7/10

Bar Marsella – This 1820’s bar had to be by far my favourite bar of them all. I didn’t know that at the time as we hadn’t visited them all but as soon as I arrived I loved it.

Marsella is Barcelona’s very first bar and it is believed that Picasso, Hemingway and many other famous faces have been here for a tipple or two. The ceiling and walls are peeling, the cobwebs cover the chandeliers, bottles and windows even the floor tiles are originals.

This bar is known for keeping everything exactly how it was. It has so many original bottles still sat on the shelves untouched with years and years of dust covering them but that’s what I loved about it.

Although I am a clean freak, I just loved the history behind this place so didn’t mind too much that it wasn’t so clean at all. Marsella is also well known for its absinth drink which I rather enjoyed. Verdict 10/10

Hotel Barcelo Raval – We headed to the rooftop so we could see 360 degrees views of Barcelona. It was pretty late at night so by the time we arrived Barcelona was all lit up but I would say the best time to go would be during the day.

If you are staying at the hotel you can also enjoy the pool and resturant here. You may need to ask for entry to the rooftop if you are not with a tour guide. Verdict 5/10

El Rabipelao – Our last bar which is most known for cocktails and tapas. Again, like most traditional bars in Barcelona it is quite small (with the exception of Bar Marsella) this is quite a modern bar.

The atmosphere is great very late at night and you’ll struggle to get a table on a weekend so I would recommend visiting as soon as the bar opens if you want to have a peak.

One thing I noticed was a wall full of foreign currency I didn’t see if any were no longer in circulation but I liked it. Cocktails were good! Verdict 5/10

The bar tour and the scooter tour were both great, the hosts were lovely and I gained so much more knowledge of the area we were staying in. I would definitely recommend teaming up with the locals because you do learn so much more and plus you get to meet new people. They want you to have good time so why not give it a go.

You can book your unique bars of Barcelona tour with Alex by clicking here Airbnb

Book now for the Scooter tour I am sure you will have so much fun like we did!

Wishing you the best time in Barcelona.

With Love Mel x


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