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Dear Diary, I’m making progress!

Yes, that’s right Diary, I’m making good progress. I’m happier than I have been for a long time, It’s Friday, and I have many plans for the weekend.

I am currently on the train to work, I am able to write this post as I am making use of the time and reflect on the last few weeks.

Bizarrely though, I was on the tube and saw the exact same commuters as I did yesterday, not everyone but I saw two couples, a family and the same girl. For a second I thought I was a day behind and wondered if it was really Friday and I was still in yesterday, if that makes sense. I ran to get the tube and as I was running I gave some money to charity for food banks, I felt bad that I didn’t stop to talk to the man rattling the change in his bucket but I knew if I didn’t catch this particular tube, my entire journey would be delayed by 20 minutes.

I missed the train I wanted. I’m on a later one but would have loved to get the earlier one. Trains have been a right nightmare for me this week. At West Ham station there was a man holding the doors open on purpose so the train couldn’t depart to Fenchurch. Delays, Delays, Delays, Standard I guess but it’s just been chaos!

So, whats been happening and what’s planned? I have an exciting product promotional video that I will share with you all very soon in a separate blog post. It’s epic.

I have also had some fabulous food in Brighton this week and I think one particular place should have a full review and post of it’s own so I’ll definitely write that one up. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. It’s a fish “plaice” Ha! I mean it’s a Fish restaurant and if you love a good bit of fish don’t listen to me, I can’t tell you if the fish is good because I can’t stand it but, I’ll give you feedback from my favourite people who were with me.

I have to tell you. I am on the radio tomorrow (Saturday) Talk radio! I’ve been on the radio before, I won a singing competition and won some air show tickets. I never went to the air show. I am on the programme Badass Woman’s hour from 9pm. Am I nervous? Yes, of course, I am trying to repeat alternative words in my head like ‘sugar’ and ‘pants’ in replace for the normal swear words. All I can think of is Davina McCall saying when she was presenting Big Brother, “Please do not swear, you are live on Channel 4” WOW, that was a long time ago.

So, I am talking about my business on the radio. I am talking about how I got into business, my goals and what I need to do to get more exposure. Imagine if there is one person listening that could help elevate my business to the next level. That’s the scary bit. I want nothing more than my business to be big. Dream big I say! I’m on at 9.20pm so if you can tune it, I would absolutely appreciate it and feedback will be gratefully received.

I am having my hair cut tomorrow. It’s so needed, I just haven’t managed to cram the appointment in. I also am meeting up with old friends, I haven’t seen for months and meeting the fabulous Lauren Dudley, Badass chick, Picture Editor at Vogue and has her own photography business too.

I feel like I am making progress. The website photo’s are done. The product photo’s are done. I did however, underestimate how many things I needed to do for the website. I have found a great guy who is working on it for me and it’s actually me holding him up because of all the things I need to do. In between times over the weekend I will try and get things boxed off.

Talking in my sleep is a concerning sign I need to clear things from my to do list. This only happens when I have lots going on and haven’t talked about it to get it off my chest. I’m sure things are bound to get even more intense whilst I am juggling things, I am just glad I am in a happier place mentally to deal with it.

I am happy. Really happy in fact, I just don’t want things to change right now. I know they will but I hope in a positive way.

I will just mention for all my female subscribers to go and have your smear test if it is due! Book the appointment as soon as possible. I won’t nag about it but it is rather important.

So all in all a busy few weeks. Keep an eye out over the weekend for reviews on Riddle and Finns, The Lanes, The promo video at Hixon Green, Hove and some beauty tips I have for you.

Don’t forget to tune in to Talk Radio Saturday night at 9pm.

Laugh and Love. Keep smiling.

With Love

Mel x


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