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Social Media and Me

I have such a love-hate relationship with social media. In December, I took the entire month out to concentrate on me, my personal goals and to do what I’m paid to do, my day job.

For my business, I need a strong presence on social media. A soon to be e-commerce site, I can most definitely reap many rewards using social media platforms.

From a personal point of view, talking about the time I sat on a train and the person next to me was talking too loudly and tweeting about it baffled me. I started, before I announced my business plans doing just that. ‘I’m making myself a tea’ I mean, people love reading about your day to day movements, but I just found it very hard trying to keep up appearances.

I thought about how I could share my social life and my business goals, trying to balance them without tarnishing the business or even me. I am my brand, my brand is me, and I know I can’t please everyone, but I don’t want to appear as someone I am not for the sake of it.

It’s hard, even if it is your day job. You gain followers, you gain their trust, people believe what you are saying is true and the time and effort that goes in, its draining. There are people out there, Youtubers for example and bloggers that literally tweet every ten minutes and post to Instagram, what seems like a minimum of twenty times a day. I follow some and alright this is their way of making a living but even so. It must get tiresome. I commend all those that do it daily. It’s tough.

Now, I’m not completely knocking social media at all. It is a great avenue for me to tell the world about my business, and this is one of the reasons I love it. I also love it because of the people. I have followers on Twitter that I catch up on daily and I feel like I am going on a journey with them. It’s often a quick way for a giggle, you read funny stories and jokes. It’s not all doom and gloom like I make it out to be in my first few paragraphs. It’s just incredibly time consuming and hard for me personally.

I took the break from social media with the intention of getting my head straight and fortunately the followers I gained haven’t disappeared. Twitter followers appear loyal and when you say your having a break they tend to be supportive. It’s a strange virtual world. Instagram on the other hand is so fickle. It appears that it’s all about the numbers for Instagram. There are people and businesses that have this attitude towards fellow Instagrammers. ‘If you don’t follow me I’ll just not follow you anymore’. Totally Bizarre. Facebook I detest.

Social media can make you feel up and down depending on what you read. It’s so good to cleanse your timelines and remove those feeds from the people you can’t relate to or feel as though it is always negativity you are reading. You might read something and not agree, rather than get worked up about it just remove the feed or the follower and then you’ll be sure that person can’t affect you in anyway. I read about this often on social media.

It can be a really bitchy place too. Online and offline. How many times have you sat round a table and someone says “Did you read that on Facebook?” Erm…”Well, I didn’t but go on” A short pause eagerly wanting to spill the beans…from the Facebook fan, “Oh well he said, she said” At that point, I think to myself. ‘Oh please’. I don’t ever use twitter or Instagram for that. Gossip.

Online you come across threads, loads of messages, people bitching about other people they have never even met. It’s crackers!

The people I do interact with though are amazing. We have the same aspirations, we share each others business posts and give tips and tricks to each other. I am truly grateful for the kindness and words of wisdom I have been given. There are some fabulous people that follow me.

I will start it back up and I will try my very best to love it again because when I joined it a year or so ago, I was excited to be part of this huge world. I lost the spark for it and I just need to remember how great it can be for me and my business.

The break that I had did help a bit, but when I came back to social media it felt like I had never left and then I got back to thinking I need a break again. I will schedule my contents a bit better and plan to post every time I take an image on my mobile. What I have been doing the last few months is taking lots of photos and just doing nothing with them. I should upload them straight away so I don’t have to worry about doing it later. I will try my very best. So my social media journey starts again now!

Overall, social media is a great thing, I just need to plan and prepare more. It’s not a competition, which sometimes it may appear that’s what everyone is doing, competing with each other and bragging about how life is perfect when in actual fact it’s probably not. Everything appears to be amazing in the virtual world, we all know it shadows the truth. Everyone has down days and in those photos we post, we know how we really felt when the pictures were taken. However, I am happy to be a part of it, generally.

So what have I been up to? Christmas Day was fabulous, but then I had the flu that was going around, most people I know had it and it wasn’t great timing. I worked all year, the second my mind and body relaxed it went into keep going mode. ‘You can’t have time off, who do you think you are Melita Latham’. I have had a dreamy few weeks finally relaxing and really enjoying myself. I’ll share once I have made the time to sort out my photo’s.

I have also, images of all my products so it’s now a case of getting them online and start selling!! They look incredible, I can’t wait to post those soon.

This is it, 2018 is my year! I will be the business woman I’ve dreamt of becoming and I will be happy. I know it! Thanks to everyone online that has supported me.

Keep smiling.

With Love Mel x

Come find me on Twitter & Instagram @melita_latham


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