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Riddle & Finns Champagne & Oyster Bar

‘Thou shall have a fishy on a little dishy, thou shall have a fishy when the boats come in’. Not me though, I don’t eat fish.

I’m writing a post about a fish restaurant but I don’t actually eat fish, so how does that work? Well, I’m going to write about my experience as a whole not just about the food, I’ll tell you about the service, the atmosphere, the company I was with and the history of Riddle & Finns Champagne and Oyster Bar oh and restuarant!

Riddle and Finns, Born in The Lanes in Brighton 1996. This restaurant takes inspiration from Paris & New York’s high end liquor shops and oyster bars. It really is quite a unique place.

I have walked past the restaurant a few times in the lanes and it’s caught my eye, baring in mind I don’t eat fish, you can see through the window to the Chef’s kitchen and prep area. This is always a good sign for me that you can see your food being cooked right before your eyes whilst you dine. Unless of course it’s a fast food chain, No, I really don’t want to know thank you. I would never have a burger ever again.

The restaurant isn’t huge but big enough for 10 or so tables. The tables are like marble effect, not sure if it’s really marble I can’t remember but, we sat on high stalls which was nice. The main table centre piece was the candelabra, wax candles melting down the candelabra to create what could to some look like a crustacean sat at the bottom of the candle holder. I liked this. Candelabra’s bizarrely remind me of my dad so I liked it.

You can enjoy a basket of bread and fishy spreads…I make it sound worse than what it is, but it looked great. I liked the small touch of having the butter in the shell of an oyster. It was clean so I can handle that.

The large looking menu full of all things I have never eaten or probably seen before. I know there are so many fish lovers out there, I wish I was one of them but I just don’t understand it. I want to be converted but I have such a fear of fish. It’s the eyes on the fish, and the little bones. Oh god! I have goosebumps. We were in a fish restaurant but I don’t recall an overwhelming smell of fish in the air so this pleased me.

With each table having candles on the setting was lovely. Dimmed lights, enough light that you can see everything, and tables full. The tiled walls very similar to a pie and mash shop as highlighted by fellow diners.

This restaurant in the lanes doesn’t take reservations but you can kind of see why. They don’t need to really as so many people clearly like it there, I guess they never have to worry about not having enough customers.

The staff are so polite and attentive. I almost don’t want to call the staff waiters & waitress as they offered more than that type of service, I’ll say “Fish Connoisseurs’ one women she was great, she literally could tell you every detail about the dishes you fancied eating. She could tell you about the grape in the wines too. She really was super helpful. Great job!

I tried a bit of an oyster…I could taste the smell of the sea in my mouth…Does that even make sense? I was a fish for a moment. do you swallow or chew? Everyone I know loves Oysters. They say oysters are aphrodisiacs, Well, let me tell you if you don’t like fish, just eat chocolate like me. Scientists also say chocolate also has similar properties to oysters, as does watermelons, Asparagus, Avocados, celery and pumpkin seeds. I eat those. I’m buzzing!

I ordered Mushroom risotto and I had a bowl of truffled mash on the side. Not really the ideal combination of food but when Mash is on the menu I’ll have it. Truffled mash though, Oh it was delicious. Carbs fill you right up though, so rice and mash literally made me so full. The plate was huge to be fair, even if I didn’t eat the mash I wouldn’t have been able to finish it off.

Unfortunately due to popularity the chocolate ganache dessert was off the menu…as I was so desperate to try it the restaurant gave me chocolate truffles to try instead. Chilli, dark chocolate and coconut truffles. I literally was in heaven. I love chocolate especially dark chocolate. I used to buy Cadbury’s Bournville not just for the strong chocolaty taste which I love but I knew no-one else would eat it so it was always safe. Unlike mini eggs or crunchies.

The company I was with are always the best to have around. They make me smile even if on the outside I might be sad some days, inside I’m smiling with admiration. We are most definitely kindred spirits. 🙂

I had a glass of champagne which went down a treat along with the red wine. The temperature outside was just right so I wasn’t cold, there wasn’t a cold breeze in the air on the way back. It was just lovely.

I really like this restaurant. I would definitely go back again so I can try the chocolate ganache dessert.

Riddle and Finns has two restaurants now in Brighton. One in the lanes and the other in the arches of the promenade near Brighton beach. The beach also has an al fresco terrace so you can enjoy the delights of the sea. I bet in summer it is jam packed.

Overall, I thought it was lovely. I would highly recommend if you are a fish lover as I was told by extremely reliable sources it was good.

Here are the details should you wish to contact Riddle & Finns for all the latest.


Tel: +44 (0)1273 821218

Let me know how you get on with your dining experience at Riddle and Finns.

Keep smiling!

With Love Mel x


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