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In the Royal spotlight – Style icon AW18

In the spotlight this month is The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

You may have read my comment’s written in a recent article in the Daily Express about Meghan’s transformation since becoming the Duchess of Sussex. If you haven’t had chance to read here’s the link below. (Proud of this one)

Here are a few casual outfits that really do go well with a Melita Latham London Backpack.

I also love Meghan’s classy & sophisticated outfits that again can be paired up with a backpack. Thinking of heading to the office with a handbag? Forget it, take a backpack instead. My Apple Mac fits perfectly in my bag with so much more room for all my other essentials.

I must admit I didn’t really get into Suits like my boyfriend did (He think’s he is a qualified lawyer now after watching the entire series).

As mentioned in the recent article that Meghan really had her own style then, but now protocol has changed that somewhat.

I am sure she will find the look that’s right for her and the role she will play being as a royal.

Meghan has had some negative press lately so what better thing for Meghan to do is grab her weekend bags and head off somewhere no-one knows where. Must not forget the backpack.

The backpack – It’s is so secure too so all your important belongings can be safely tucked away in the zipped pocket on the back or within the backpack there are pockets that span from top to the bottom of the backpack.

Continuing with the royal theme last week I was in the Daily Express sharing my thoughts on how Meghan Markle has influenced some of the fashion choices Prince Harry wears.

I also share my thoughts on William’s style in comparison with Harry’s.

Harry vs William

If you didn’t get chance to read the article here is a link below

I am pretty sure Harry will be asking Meghan for her advise on items of clothing and if they match his shoes.

I am very fortunate I was able to team up with The Express and I really do appreciate the kind words I have received from friends and family and even from people I don’t know. It has been great.

Keep an eye out after Christmas for the next EXCITING chapter.

Thank you for continuing to follow the Melita Latham London journey.

And, thanks again for supporting small businesses. You are supporting a dream.

With Love Mel x


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