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Thank you Bloggers Christmas Gift Guides

Photo: Millie Clinton-

I wanted to personally say…THANK YOU BLOGGERS!

Rewind back 3 months ago, communicating with bloggers all over the country to prepare for Christmas and their Christmas gift guides.

Christmas is now over but whilst I have the opportunity to do so I wanted to say thank you.

A small business can benefit so much from word of mouth.

Bloggers are HUGE influencers and I for one am truly grateful to them for taking the time to write about my products and also their love for small businesses.

Over the years I have followed a number of bloggers on Twitter and Instagram one because they have the same interests as me and two because they try and test many products and I am one to go on recommendation so that’s what I do.

Now and again I’ll watch, read and listen to what some have to say and if I take a liking to a product I’ll buy it. Most people do this. It’s no different to having a conversation with someone and they recommend a restaurant to you. I’ll try it out if someone says it’s good enough.

Gift guides like these are really inspiration for many people buying gifts.

I must admit I do love the images that are produced by the bloggers. It’s surprising how long the set up takes for that perfect shot.

I have seen some amazing photography from each blogger and obviously it’s incredibly important to ensure ALL credit goes to them for their hard work.

I know for one I have 75836295 pictures on my mobile phone when trying to get that perfect shot so I can totally appreciate how much effort goes into creating and producing the right one for the right platform.

We live in a different world now where social media is one huge online shop. This is why big brands are working with bloggers to promote their products. Bloggers are influencers. For those that are fortunate enough and have worked hard for it will succeed and maybe become brand ambassadors and make a living from blogging.

Here are a few bloggers/Businesses that have helped promote Melita Latham London products over the Christmas period.

If you have the time to check their pages out please click on the links below!

Cinnamon Buns & Roses – Anna & Sam

Millie Clinton

Frasers Fun House


On In London

Serenity You – Natasha

Laura Pearson-Smith

Thank you again Bloggers!

Have an amazing New Year! Roll on 2019!

With Love Mel x


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