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Grey Trinket Tray
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Melita Latham Slimline Clutchbag
Melita Latham London Card Holder
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Taking a break is the best Christmas Present

The Handmade Christmas Co (Personalised) & Liberty of London Baubles

I was talking about this with my handsome boyfriend not so long ago. Taking a break is super important. We haven’t really had much time to chill out recently so this is why we are planning to do so.

This time of year is hectic for everyone I would imagine, but when you run a business there really isn’t anytime to completely shut shop and forget.

Taking a break though this time of year is the best Christmas present you can give yourself. Which is what we intend to do.

We are also heading off to Dublin and I really can’t wait to welcome in the new year in style.

I love Christmas but I am more of a New Years Eve person. Why? I reflect mostly in December about what I have done and achieved in that year.

I set myself new goals for the year ahead and like most I say “This year will be my year” especially when it comes to my business.

In fact, just writing about reflection and all the things I have done this year it has been a fabulous year.

I have taken my business to the next level and had more exposure, I have met some amazing new people and I have planned and prepared the next chapter for my business.

On a personal note, I am with the man of my dreams…Yep, that is true. I have been to some amazing places I’ve never been to before and planning to visit other countries next year to explore.

The Christmas present I am giving to myself is taking the time when we are in Dublin to really let go of work so I can use the time to play.

I can’t wait to see the sights of Dublin and really embrace the New Year activities.

Take a read of the recent article written for Startacus a networking website for Start ups. They are awesome!

Startacus Article

It’s important to reward yourself with time out of your business. This is also incredibly important for your well-being.

If you are not able to travel far then head out locally, go for a walk, eat somewhere new, or just sit and watch the world go by for a few moments in the fresh air and try and put your to do list to the back of your mind.

Businesses are stressful at the best of times, but like I mention in the article to move forward sometimes you need to take a step back. I truly believe in this.

Being amongst it all the time and doing what you have always done means…you’ll get what you have always got! That’s a Mark statement, I inherited that one from him. Again, it’s very true.

Take the time out of work and it’ll do you and your business wonders.

I must admit, I am really looking forward to having the time off work over Christmas. This will be my time to reboot.

Recently I have been desperate to get a few more hours sleep. I have been waking up in the morning thinking to myself ‘ It can’t be time to get up now for work, surely?’ I think that’s my body and mind telling me I need rest.

Over the past few weekends I haven’t been able to shut off properly. I have been thinking about all the things I haven’t had time to get round to do therefore this clouded my ability to chill out a bit. So it’s important to take a break if you can.

I hope you enjoy reading my article in the link above. Please feel free to leave comments or leave a message here below.

Thank you again for also taking the time to read my posts.

Enjoy your break from business over the Christmas period.

Happy Christmas! With Love from Mel & Mark.

We wish you a Happy Christmas!! With Love Mel & Mark

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