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Melita Latham London Promo Video at Hixon Green, Hove.

It’s here! Filmed on location at Hixon Green in Hove, East Sussex.

You can watch the full video over on Youtube

Let’s just turn back the clock 3 months previous when I first took part in the promo video introducing my brand. I worked with Mike King Video Production company and it was a fantastic experience, more over the end result was amazing. I had to work with Mike again on the second instalment for Melita Latham London promo video.

So this time round I finally had the products to shoot, so we decided to go back to my home city of Brighton and film around Hove and the Lanes. My fabulous friends also came along to take part in the shoot.

Hixon Green in Hove is a coffee and wine bar and has only recently just opened. It’s very plush.

The weather wasn’t so pleasant that morning, so I had this overwhelming concern we wouldn’t be able to film outside later in the day with it raining. Turned out we did film in the rain but it was definitely worth it.

Hixon Green has two floors, both equally luxurious, with it’s gorgeous furniture and decor it definitely added another dimension to the imagery taken by the fabulous Toby Martin who was also at Hixon Green taking amazing stills for the website.

I’m super proud of what I have achieved so far but I cannot tell you how nervous I was on this day for lots of reasons, but this day many things in my life became real, my friends were together seeing my dreams before my eyes, up until this point hardly anyone had seen the products in real life prior to this, my products have been locked away until such time I am ready to sell.

I stood by the floor to ceiling window on the top floor at Hixon Green and looked out to the road. For a second my mind was empty. I thought nothing, just gazed but I quickly came back to reality and it was all happening behind me. Toby taking flatly pictures of the products, Mike setting up his camera angles, Cappuccino’s and Latte’s being served and my dearest having conversations on the leather sofa.

My friends had photo’s taken in Hixon Green with the products along with footage for the video. They were awesome, absolute professionals, I was so chuffed they did this for me and truly grateful.

We all headed to the lanes to film and it was like my friends were celebrities followed by an entourage. It was great to watch as I was stood from afar. I did keep my distance, it was important for me to do that, why? well we all have a vision of how we want things to look when we have an idea but sometimes the end result doesn’t turn out like we want it to, so not only did I not want to disappoint myself, I had every confidence in Mike and his ability to exceed anything I could have imagined and let him do his thing and what he is good at. He totally smashed it like he did the first promo.

I stood back and watched the guys stroll up and down the lanes with my backpack and holdall in tow. Toby and Mike capturing every movement and raindrop in the frame. It was great to see the smiles on my friends faces even though the rain was starting to cause hair frizz issues.

So much happened on the day of the shoot, for the most part it was a blur but I honestly am thrilled with the result and hope you love it as much as I do too.

I would highly recommend working with Mike and Toby. They are great guys and really do work hard to produce something amazing for you and when I say work hard they really were the whole time constantly working.

Check out Mike and Toby’s websites below for more details on how to contact them if you have any projects you would like to discuss with them.

If you would also like to visit Hixon Green head to for more details.

I would like to thank Hixon Green and Staff for accommodating us, Mike, Toby, Beth, Tommy & Mark for helping make this happen for me and the brand Melita Latham London, you all were amazing, Beth & Tommy you made me smile and looked fantastic, Mark thank you for your umbrella you saviour, Mike and Toby, I am truly thankful for the stunning work you produced. Forever grateful to you all.

Photos by: Toby Martin

Keep smiling.

With Love Mel x


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