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Sharing the love for Independent brands

When I started my journey setting up my own business, I didn’t realise I would receive such amazing support that I have from other small independent brands and fashion/travel bloggers.

In fact, I knew nothing about the blogging world when I started my business, I thought I would document my journey and also write about things I love to do and share with the world places I like go.  I wouldn’t say I am a true blogger, I don’t actually know what a true blogger is if I’m honest.

I admire everyone that does it, as a full time job or on the sideline, it is incredibly time consuming and you have to keep at it and provide your readers/followers regular updates.

I found, over time, people were engaging with me and vice versa and there is a genuine interest in what you do and I enjoy seeing and reading people’s own achievements.

I have for a long time been a fan of Lorna Oakley. Lorna is a fashion stylist, personal shopper, Luxury concierge and has her own fashion label The Mac. Lorna like me, runs her blog parallel to her business and her job as a stylist. It’s hard graft, but still Lorna finds the time to support other independent businesses.

I have mentioned in a blog post before about the brand “The Mac” The Darcey trench cape is my favourite. If you haven’t seen this luxury brand you can find the amazing products on offer here by clicking on the link

Lorna has been incredibly supportive and has helped with the promotion of my brand Melita Latham London. Lorna has also been out and about with the ML LDN backpack and I am truly grateful for the amazing pictures she has had taken. Lorna recently had photos taken in Wales and Cornwall and the photo’s are amazing.

Lorna is truly an inspiration and her support has helped pick me up on those days when I don’t feel good enough. Those days when I think is it all worth it? I know it is, but without the support I would have more down days than good ones. This is why it’s important to support those small independents and open up that support network up.

Share the Love 🙂

I am truly grateful for all the support Lorna has given me and all those amazing bloggers out there that tweet and retweet my business posts. It’s so amazing that people take the time to engage with me and follow me on my journey. I would just like to say a big Thank you to you all and I look forward to sharing the next chapter with you.

I love supporting other brands too so if there are any independent brands in need of some exposure I would love to do what Lorna has and is doing for me and give a helping hand.

This post is dedicated to those independent brands and Lorna Oakley. You are incredible. Thank you.

Please do go and check the beautiful Lorna’s social media sites out and don’t forget to visit The Mac website out too.

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Keep Smiling

With Love Mel x


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