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There is no lift to success. You have to take the stairs!

What? No lift to success? Or should I say elevator for my American family, climbing those stairs daily is such a slog. That’s an odd word, if you say it out loud it very sounds weird to me. Anyhow, it’s hard, some days it feels like Groundhog day but, I am making time this evening to catch up on my emails and figuring out the next step.

For the first time this weekend I am not travelling, so right now I am keeping myself busy writing up details for the Melita Latham London website. I am however watching England Rugby at the same time and getting very distracted. It’s not going well at moment so I am a bit on edge. It’s just a game though, just a game.

As always the week has been a bit chaotic, it’s a common theme for me this, chaos. I have no doubt it will continue, but at least it keeps my mind busy. It is nice though to have a break and get away from it all once in a while so, that’s exactly what I did.

I went to Suffolk for the weekend. Now, I love my home cities, London and Brighton, but equally I love the countryside. I didn’t really have appropriate shoes for walking in fields but I survived. I had a wonderful time and it was lovely to focus on the simple things in life.

I’ve also seen West Ham station more times in the last few weeks than ever before, I’ve sat next to a few characters on the train journeys I’ve been on to work, I’ve eaten some fabulous dinners, Spaghetti Bolognese being my favourite and, I also changed a few light bulbs. Feeling like a winner doing that!

I have noticed a change in friendships since I started my journey setting up my business. Success or failure doesn’t define me and I don’t think I haven’t changed, I hope I won’t change. I just haven’t got time right now to be everything to everyone. Friends I had are now back in my life, some friends I have, have become distant but my true friends have stayed with me. It’s hard to deal with, but part of life I guess. People grow apart for a number of reasons but it doesn’t make us any less of a person because our lives are changing. I’ll openly write about this as I want to point out I’m not unaware of what is happening around me.

I have been catching up on social media today which has been nice for a change. Recently I have only been able to access Twitter of a morning and evening when I have been travelling so it’s been great to catch up in my spare time. I was struck by one tweet tonight and I have done something similar recently albeit in a shop. The tweet was by Sali Hughes, a columnist in the Guardian, she has launched this month a beauty bank. A new organisation to help people in poverty access toiletries and beauty products. You can send a box of toiletries to the address in the link I’ll provide below or visit the link for the Amazon wish list. I will be sending some bits for sure. This tweet inspired me so much this evening.

The next few months are going to be incredibly busy. The website WILL be up by the end of March. I have no time to waste now. It’s got to be then. It’s still very daunting for me but I know how amazing I will feel once it’s finished.

I must say though, I have been self motivating a lot recently. I have moments when I get frustrated or upset but they last a matter of minutes. That’s only if I really put my mind to it. It is getting harder and harder as the days go by to find time. I’ll get there.

This is what I know right now. I need to continue following my dreams, no matter how hard it gets. I am sure I can make Melita Latham London a success. That all comes down to belief. I believe in my brand, I believe in me. Oh yes!

The rugby match has nearly finished. What a rubbish game and looking like a pants result too. Disaster for the England team. Tutt Tutt.

So anyway back to the point of success, whether it’s a new business start up or some motivation to get you through those difficult days, try doing something different. Make a change, go somewhere new, laugh a bit more with the people you love. You most definitely have to try and take some time out. Routine sometimes sucks so get away for a bit and refresh. You’ll come back stronger and better for it.

I’m still walking around by the way with a torn ligament in my ankle. Who even am I? I’m feeling very much like a warrior. Especially when walking up those stairs to success!

Another update for you, I have a few magazine advertisements scheduled for April and May after the Melita Latham London website launch. I’ll keep you updated with that nearer the time. Also whilst I’m talking about the future, I am going on holiday soon. A mini break, so I can’t wait to share that. It’s all happening and I am still, as always, grateful for the support I receive. Thank you to all those that have subscribed to my site and the new followers on my other social media platforms. It’s fantastic. Thank you.

Keep smiling.

With Love Mel x

Don’t forget, if you are able to do so please donate to the Beauty Bank


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