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Pumpkin Picking, Essex

I cannot tell you how excited I was at the thought of going pumpkin picking this weekend just gone.

My fabulous boyfriend and my two awesome friends went pumpkin picking after having lunch at our place. Although my cooking like most days was rather terrible.

We all made our way the Christmas Tree & Pumpkin Farm in Wickford, Essex to pick our our pumpkins.

As we drove in, I could see fields of corn, patches of pumpkins and rows of Christmas trees.

The farm is pretty big with a marquee that you could paint your own pumpkins in. My eyes were drawn to the bales of hay dotted around. These were great photo opportunities.

It was a beautifully sunny day, surprisingly hot for October so it wasn’t ideal to be wearing a jumper, but of course I was wearing one.

The farm was actually rather busy, children were enjoying the activities that had been arranged by the organisers and the pop up cafe taking full advantage of the passing trade.

In the distance, you could see dots of bright orange pumpkins some already picked in a pile around the field edge and others laying amongst the patches.

I couldn’t contain my excitement as soon as I saw the brightly coloured wheelbarrows.

Mark was weaving in between Christmas trees and pumpkins with his wheelbarrow. Beth sat in her wheelbarrow as Tommy swerved around the patches. This was particularly funny to watch with Beth’s legs dangling over the edge.

We decided we would pick pumpkins to paint and pumpkins to carve. So Mark and I picked 5 pumpkins, two to paint and three to carve for Halloween. I imagined the carved ones on our steps leading up to our front door.

It was all so reasonably priced too. We even bought carving kits in preparation for Halloween.

The pumpkins could have been extortionately priced. Great value for your money and great for the farm to purchase the pumpkins directly.

In the marquee we put on our aprons, found a table with mini pots of paints and brushes and made a start painting our own faces on them. Mark unfortunately didn’t really pay attention to the brief. This was, paint your own face, instead he painted a dog on the front.

Not so great when we held up the pumpkins in front of our faces for a photo and his had his version of a dog on the front.

We did have a laugh though. Some may say picking pumpkins is not really an adult thing to do, I beg to differ. It was nice to spend time with great people in a different environment and have a catch up, rather than sit in we got some fresh air and had a giggle.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It’s one of those things that I can say “Yes, I’ve done that and remember it” See, the thing is I am one of these people that has to try things once, if I don’t like it I don’t have to do it again but how will I ever know if I don’t try?

Overall, we had a good day. I must admit I am really looking forward to seeing the results of the carved pumpkins. They are currently outside with remnants of the dog painting as the rain has washed half the face away.

In the evening we decided to go and watch Venom at the cinema. I guess I secretly wanted to go so I could get halloween inspiration. Mark is coming round to the idea of dressing up for Halloween (Well, that’s not strictly true) but what will he dress up as?. Beth & Tommy came up with some great ideas for us, so fingers crossed we pick a good duo.

Venom by the way, with Tom Hardy was ok but it was a bit of a slow burner. Tom Hardy however is still…awesome.

It was quite late when we got home, so we ordered a takeaway and chilled out for what was left of the evening.

I would highly recommend visiting your local farm if you can this Autumn and stock up on those pumpkins. I’ll let you know the outcome of the pumpkins once done in a few weeks time. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see the results.

Got some amazing things to share with you. Keep your eyes peeled for more news. If you haven’t signed up to receive newsletters please enter your email address in the subscription box at the top of my homepage.

Keep smiling.

With Love Mel x

Photos courtesy of Beth C. x


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