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Pretty in Palma

The first weekend of December we flew to Palma, Mallorca.

We left work on Thursday and travelled down to Gatwick and stayed at the Sofitel Hotel at the airport.

Our flight on Friday morning was 7.50am so as usual I set my alarm exceptionally early, this time for 4am to make sure I was all prepared for my flight.

I don’t like flying too much although I kept myself busy with my own on board entertainment – Shaping my eyebrows.

Flight wasn’t too bad and we landed safely in Palma to skies slightly grey however, over the weekend the sun came out and it was lovely weather for December. (It’s actually pretty sunny here in the UK now which again is peculiar for this time of year)

The hotel in Palma was absolutely beautiful. They were all so friendly and our room was so spacious and clean. It also had a beautiful balcony leading from the restaurant over looking Palma’s streets. You can see this boutique hotel by clicking the link below.

It wasn’t until the evenings though that you could really appreciate the Christmas lights…they are very pretty.

Whilst exploring the streets of Palma I noticed in the window of a florist these beautiful Christmas Bears. We turned back so I could buy them. The two bears were sat in the shop window on a bench with flowers all around them and I had to have them.

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a photo of the bears amongst the Christmas lights. They were great value for money too.

The two bears named Mark and Mel are now situated in the hall entrance at our house so I get to look at them every time I come in through the door.

It’s such a shame I’ll have to put them away every year.

What we usually do is send postcards back home when we are on our travels so we picked up a few postcards at the shop and searched for yellow post boxes…Fingers crossed they received the post cards as I heard the postal service is not that great.

The buildings are gorgeous and the Cathedral is huge.

We were at Litchfield Cathedral a week prior to heading to Palma inside was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to see inside Palma’s but I have no doubt it is beautiful inside too.

They have a lots of coffee shops in Palma, one being a place called Cappucino’s, there were a few of these dotted around but definitely worth taking a break and enjoying the scenery.

The 1st of December arrived whilst in Palma and that morning Mark opened his first DIY advent calendar present. I thought It was appropriate for his first one to be a passport holder. I was very chuffed with that one! It’s Made with real leather and personalised with his initials it was the perfect gift to start the festive season.

You can check out the website I bought it from by clicking this link here.

Whilst exploring each day it was apparent to me that if you don’t want crowds of people then this would be the best time to go.

Generally, most would travel to Palma in the sunny season for that reason. I on the other hand could just casually wonder and enjoy the surroundings.

I’ve never been one for laying around in the sun. I don’t mind walking around in the sun but I couldn’t lay there and do nothing, even reading a book I would lose my mind every day. Do you not think well, it’s a bit dull?

Let’s explore and take in the culture and try new experiences. That’s what I say. Each to their own but to me relaxing is not laying in the sun. If you decide to do that I would strongly recommend FACTOR 50!

So back to the point, I would recommend going to Palma out of season if you don’t mind missing out on the heat then you can roam around without too much hustle and bustle.

It was recommended by Mark’s mum that we should go to a restaurant called Cafe Murada and what a fabulous recommendation. The food was delicious! Would highly recommend visiting this place if you do visit Palma. Link below.

It’s a lovely city this time of year. As you can see the bears had an awesome time too!

I can’t wait to share with you the next instalment of our travels…WE’RE GOING TO DUBLIN! YAY!

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and I look forward to hearing about your travels to Palma.

With Love Mel x


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