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Come fly with me to Dublin

Guinness Factory

To welcome in 2019 we had a trip planned to Ireland, Dublin to be precise.

We arrived on Sunday 30th December so we could be there New Years Eve and New year’s day!

Our AirBNB was in a good location opposite the Liffey River and a 15 minutes walk from Temple Bar in the centre.

The apartment we stayed in was opposite the Guinness factory so was perfect for us as we had a tour planned there the day before we departed.

I have Irish ancestors but had never been to Ireland before so it was nice to be a bit closer to where my relatives were from.

Weather was ok too, I think a few occasions we had fine rain but that didn’t last long.  We were lucky I guess for that time of year. It could have been worse. It wasn’t exactly roasting though so we did layer up.

Here are a few places we went to and things I’d recommend to do in Dublin.

On our first full day in Dublin (New Years Eve) we had a wonder around the town and came across the National Leprechaun museum. If I am honest, it sounded great but but it wasn’t for me. You enter a few Willy Wonka type rooms and it all seems a bit surreal but the content wasn’t what I expected. 45 minutes well spent for children. We were told stories about the history of the Leprechaun and very well may I add, but it wasn’t for me unfortunately. That’s not to say the staff didn’t do a good job because they did.

We also went to a classic Irish bar called The Old Storehouse. I must admit I was really drawn to this place. In fact, I think we went here a couple of times during our visit to Ireland. They had live folk music and this is when it sunk in that I was in Ireland. The atmosphere was great and I really enjoyed listening to it and also seeing everyone else in the bar enjoy it too. The food was good here too.

In the evening for New Years Eve we had dinner at the Morrison Grill. It is also a Doubletree hotel along the Liffey River. The food was good and the service too. It wasn’t busy at all so we could relax without the hustle and bustle which was going on outside the building along the river. There was a New Years Eve party outside by George’s Quay another tourist attraction in Ireland.

If you like a bit of noise head to George’s Quay for New Year’s I’ve heard it’s pretty awesome. The New year came and I wished for an amazing 2019.

1st January and the sky was grey in Ireland. I was informed by my mum that it was sunny in England…I went for a run around the streets of Dublin to start my year on a fitness path. The cobbles were wet and slippery. Slighty windy and cold. I had already mapped out what I wanted 2019 to look like in my head whilst running.

Every step I took my thoughts bounced around in my head. I asked myself, what I need to do this year to improve on the last? What are my goals? Where will I be the end of the new year? How am I feeling right now and what do I need to change?

Ultimately I want to be happy in 2019. I love so much to laugh. I want to be the best I can be in 2019.

At the time I remember thinking how on earth can I top some of the most amazing things I did the year before and had seen that year. Can it really get better? I felt a bit deflated for a moment. I’m sure it will be bigger and better than last year I just needed to believe it could. I want to travel and spend more quality time with Mark and do all the things we love to do.

The rest of the day we explored. We walked all around Temple Bar, we sat and watched Charlie Chaplin showing on a projector in a bar. It was pretty cute, the bar was attached to a cinema I think it was. I enjoyed that afternoon. We visited Molly Malone statue (She has rather large breasts) Mark enjoyed the photo opportunity with Molly. We ate ice cream, enjoyed the atmosphere in the streets and just spent the whole day wondering around.

A restaurant we went to in Temple Bar was really lovely, unfortunately I cannot remember the name but it was directly opposite the “Real” temple bar. We had pizza and cocktails and we sat and chatted for hours. Three hours we were in there just talking.

The next day on the 2nd January we went to the Guiness Factory. This is a really touristy thing to do. You see Guinness signs everywhere in Dublin and clearly the business is doing very well as they are expanding the site. I would recommend going as early as possible or as late as possible as it appears to be a very popular place. Early means you’ll have a few pints at a time you probably wouldn’t have dreamt of having a Guinness before lunch.

In the Guinness factory there is so much to see and do if you have the time to do it though. I would suggest blocking out 3-4 hours of your day to allow you the opportunity to explore fully. Please do take a look at my twitter and instagram pages to see some of the images of the trip. It was great. I loved it.

That night myself and Mark went to the Vintage Cocktail Club. You would never know it was there if you walked past it. It’s a secret place. The door literally has the letters, V.C.C on and just a spy hole so they can see you but you can’t see in. Check it out. We had cocktails using the recipes from the 1900’s and ate tapas.

Take a look it could be for you.

We went back to the Old Storehouse for some more folk music and had a dance which was nice. The first time we visited the Old Storehouse in the afternoon, Mark asked me to dance by the bar, in front of the lunchtime punters. It was a lovely gesture. We do enjoy each others company obviously but at times like that I really, really enjoy being around him. He surprised me actually. This is something I would normally ask him to do but that day he asked me and I accepted, of course.

The final day I had a look around the National Museum. It’s free entry so always a plus. The grounds were amazing. Very stately like and very well kept. I had a coffee and caught up on some social media and then prepared for heading home back to England.

Dublin is definitely a place you would go to with a group of people. This a place where you can enjoy food and the bars with a great party atmosphere. I would definitely go back to Ireland. It would be great to travel around the entire Emerald Isle soon.

Come fly with me on my next trip…I’ll be going back to Palma in a few weeks.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Have a great 2019.

With Love Mel x


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