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The Bluebird Penthouse, Devon

I can’t remember the last time I stayed in a caravan, but not in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I might stay in a caravan quite like this.

A 1950’s bluebird caravan in High Bickington, Devon with a vintage land rover hot tub outside. It was a surprise weekend to Devon organised by Mark and it did not disappoint!

The story behind the owners renovation of the caravan is really inspiring. The caravan and the Land Rover were basically rescued from woodland and fields nearby, but after spending many months restoring and renovating them they are quite amazing.

We arrived very late, it was very dark so I couldn’t see the full dichotomy of our new environment until the morning. Mark did however cook us a chicken curry from scratch, on a two ring hob and oven……..What a guy.

How he managed to do that in the small kitchen area I don’t know but he did. It was delicious and it was a lovely ending to a long day driving.

Inside the caravan it was light, warm and cosy. I was impressed and comforted with the 1950’s décor. It had everything you needed even a bath tub and shower.

Something I didn’t realise I needed but I do, is a retro cream bush digital radio which was great for us. We tuned into Smooth Radio all weekend. The caravan even had a wine cellar.

I loved the idea of going back to basics. Just us, in a field, talking, laughing, spending quality time together. No TV, no chaos, no reality.

I say no TV but, we did watch Netflix of an evening on the laptop, only after we had explored, eaten, relaxed in the hot tub, started the outdoors fire and chilled for a bit, only then when we sat on our sofa bed we watched a programme online.

We stayed in Barnstable, which apparently is the oldest borough in the UK. On the Saturday morning we took our time, no rushing around like we normally do every morning to prepare for work.

Mark filled the ‘whistle’ kettle up and made a lovely cup of tea. The kettle amused me somewhat. I quickly made another just to hear it whistle again.

We drove a few miles to the town centre for brunch, only after purchasing a few Christmas items, cards, Christmas tree decorations and an early Christmas present for Mark, we ended up in a restaurant called Block. The food was great. Worth a visit if you are in the area.

After spending a few hours in town it was time to head back and relax in the Land Rover with the Chimnea fireplace roaring away. Mark was absolutely delighted with this hot tub.

On a few occasions, I had to remind him it’s time eat, he was loving it so much he didn’t want to get out.

The views from our caravan were great. The field next to us had sheep grazing. We also saw cows passing the caravan windows heading up the nearby path to another field.

The birds were enjoying their playground. They were flying around the stationary tractors in the fields and sat on the gates chirping away. This was our alarm clock along with the heavy rain.

Fortunately, it only rained heavily whilst we were in the caravan. We had a slight shower when in the hot tub but that didn’t matter at all.

I enjoyed forgetting about the reality and really embracing the peace and quiet. Mark had a nice time too which makes me happier knowing that.

Honestly, if you like out of the ordinary, something extra special head to Devon and the Bluebird Caravan.

He did me proud and I am as always very grateful for those precious moments. I’ll cherish forever.


Visit Devon and take a look at for full details….It’s all ECO FRIENDLY too!

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Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

With Love Mel x


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