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Grey Trinket Tray
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A piece of my heart

Of late, I have battled with the day to day struggles of my working and personal life. I have found that recently I have been unable to close one box in my head and open another without worrying about boxes I’m trying to close, if that makes sense.

For some reason I end up over analysing most things, I get frustrated like most people do, I question stuff and I put constant pressure on myself to do better. I work extremely hard and I am very loyal and sometimes I forget about me in the process.

I make sure that I keep myself busy so I don’t have time to think, I know that when I do stop to evaluate my life I can sometimes get down about it. Today, I’m not feeling so good, one thought of all the things I need to do and sort out has overwhelmed me, I am feeling a tad sorry for myself and I don’t feel like speaking to anyone because I feel I need that time to think things through and organise my mind and things to sort. This is obviously not the logical way to do stuff but people handle life in very different ways.

I am a strong person, I have been through a lot in my life, its been hard, in comparison to others it is nothing I know, these are things I do to help me along the way:


It is important to talk about how you are feeling, I want to talk all the time but sometimes I don’t want to burden people nor do I want them to judge me when I am feeling sad so I keep it all to myself but you know what, the conversation that I avoid, I know it makes me feel better when I do air my issues. I am starting to do this more often now. My friends and Family who know me extremely well know I put a brave face on things but, when I am really frustrated I have a mini melt down and they always are there to help me with a rubbish joke or two to lift me back up.

Your go to place

I have a “go to place” when I am feeling low, its the beach bizarrely. I live in Kent and I have a place I can go to come rain or shine and thats Whitstable beach. I read, listen to the sea, and smell the sea air. I am from Brighton so the closest thing to home is Whitstable. I get comfort being here when I need some head space. Its important to take not only those short breaks throughout the day to clear your mind but make the effort a few times a month to go to your place of relaxation whether it be on your own or with family and friends to have some you time. I wish I could visit Brighton more often but time does not allow me to unfortunately but Whitstable is equally lovely.

Keep busy & be healthier

So you don’t have regular moments to allow your brain to go in to over drive, keep yourself busy. I have such a busy brain and life in general, I’m planning to start my own business, I have a hectic social life, I have an extremely busy working life and the general day to day worries, I haven’t stopped to think about my health and wellbeing and now its caught up with me. I need to get back to having a healthier lifestyle, I eat out a lot and with the social gatherings i go to I do have a few glasses of wine, I need to cut back and start looking after myself. So I will be using the gym as another chance to have some me time and not see it as a chore but a break, a release from the chaos in my life.

Sleep and drink plenty of water

Sleep is highly important, not only will it make you look and feel younger now and in years to come but it will help prevent you feeling down regularly. It’s honestly very difficult for me to get sleep when I am busy most evenings and then up first thing for work and especially when I can’t switch off my thoughts before bed however, I have been trying breathing methods before bed to keep me calm and relaxed so I don’t need to count sheep. This is helping. Also I have been drinking more water than ever before and I can honestly tell you, my skin is clearer, my sleeping pattern is better, and I feel much better for it too. I personally have been drinking my water using a handled mason jar with a straw because you really don’t realise how much water you are drinking though a straw until after its all gone. (I have been drinking 4-5 of these a day) remember those times in nightclubs you would drink through a straw. Exactly.

Perspective and organisation

I struggle sometimes to see what I have achieved, what I have and the potential for the future. I juggle so much and forget to look at how far I have come. I feel like it is still not enough for me, I want more. I want to work hard for it though, I don’t want it handed on a plate because thats not what was instilled in me. I will keep going but I have to look at things one at a time. I need to focus on priorities and then I will feel like all my ducks are in a row. I mentioned before in a previous post that I need to start writing things down, it worked for a while and then things got hectic again and I forgot to do it. I should start that up again as It clearly helped.


Be honest with yourself, sit down and decide what you need to do to make life that bit easier or to improve it. I have so many things in my life I want to change or people I don’t want to be around anymore so I have to be strong and make those changes to help me. Whether it be remove yourself from social media, it could be say goodbye to a friend because you have grown apart, literally anything. I have to make a start on my business, thats my goal. I want something that I can say is my own and I have worked damned hard to get it. So I am being honest with myself and saying I have wasted far too much time on everything else, neglected my dream and so now I need to push hard to get it. I know it won’t be easy, but I have to do it and I get so pumped up when I think about what life could be like in the future if I succeed. I have a dream that throughout my chaotic life has never left my head. My dream has always remained my dream in the good and bad times. Keep motivated.

Keep going

Never give up.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

I would love to hear of ways you keep yourself motivated.

With love Mel x



  1. Suz
    29/07/2017 / 7:15 pm

    What an awesome website- love reading your informative and well thought out blogs !
    You are truely talented and I look forward to more soon !

    • Melita
      29/07/2017 / 7:22 pm

      You are truly awesome. (In an American accent) I love you x

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