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On the buses- How very British!

Fancy something to do in London which is quintessentially British? Red buses, tea and scones, well try this for size.

Brigits Bakery offer many services, one being a bus tour around London. This can be a Sushi & Gin bus tour, or a afternoon tea bus tour which a group of us went on. We arrived at London Victoria Coach station and awaited our bus, the tour was at 2.30pm so we made sure we were there ahead of time. You know what its like waiting for a bus there never is one that comes along, in this case we knew it would. The weather was beautiful that day so we were dressed appropriately for the sunshine.

The bright red double decker bus arrived and we took the opportunity to take some photos in front of the bus before getting on. How strange that I’ve never taken pictures of myself in front of a bus before, obviously this was going to be an experience but at the same time the thought crossed my mind.

As we hopped on the bus, we were greeted by lovely staff who briefed us on health and safety and wished us a pleasant journey. We were sat on the lower deck, the tables all laid with napkins, cake tiers with deliciously looking cakes and sandwiches, china plates with desserts on, milk jug, sugar sachets and silver cutlery which was plastic. I was surprised by this at the time, never seen silver plastic cutlery before, I honestly thought it was stainless steel. Its those little things for me, I had to mention. Sozza.

We drove around many famous landmarks and places, Royal Albert hall, Harrods, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Notting Hill, Trafalgar square to name but a few. I spend a lot of time in London, I would say coming from the seaside and living in the Garden of England, I am probably more of a city girl at heart so I know these places well but never whilst stuffing my face with cakes and watching the world go by, I’m either running around London for some reason or another or I have too much to drink on a night out to notice.

The sandwiches and cakes were delicious, at the time I thought ooohhh I could eat so much, I do have eyes bigger than my belly, everyone who knows me, knows I always order way too much and end up regretting paying for food I don’t end up eating. The cakes and sandwiches made me so full that I could have burst. I fortunately had a jump suit on so it was nice and loose around my ever expanding waistline. I was full.

I wasn’t expecting a second round of food. Clotted cream, jam and scones. Oh dear, I had to have a rest, so I had my tea that I ordered from the nice gentleman on the bus JP (I think that was his name) really nice guy he was. I had Betjeman and Barton Breakfast royal tea (although this is a French brand its rather delicious) then I deliberated with the ladies for a bit. What goes on the scone first? Jam or cream? Cream or jam? All I was thinking was the lyrics from the sound of music at the point in my head, “Tea, a drink with Jam and Bread”.

Throughout our journey we would see tourists pointing at the bus when we drove past and some even took photos of themselves by the bus when we were stopping at traffic lights, or waving at us which to me was very peculiar, its just a bus, but to tourist its iconic I guess and to be fair this was not just any old bus. This was Brigit’s bus.

As we drove through the upmarket parts of London we came across the Lamborginis, we saw one in canary yellow colour, which to be honest wouldn’t be my choice of colour but hey I won’t be buying a Lambo anytime soon.

We had a giggle and a great afternoon travelling around looking at the sights, enjoying the onboard music, food and drink and each others company.

Fortunately we were not hungover and I would suggest you make sure you do the same, nothing worse than motion and food to make you feel a bit sick so we were happy we didn’t have a hangover although things could have been very different i must say.

I thoroughly enjoyed the bus tour and so did the ladies too, special thanks to JP and Marieanne.

If you are wanting to have a trip out with family or friends and you are around London try this for some time out to relax and spend some time together but you will need to book in advance.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Please leave comments below.

With love Mel x

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