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New Skincare routine using Kiehls

I decided I needed to sort my skincare routine out once and for all. My morning facial routine varied depending on the time I had in the morning and availability of products to hand. I would often have break outs which as you know are a right pain in the butt. Usually a break out happens the day I am going somewhere amazing and want to look my best. Just typical.

I wanted to write a review after a certain amount of time. In this instance, I left it two weeks after using these products everyday. So I thought this would been enough time to give you my honest opinion.

I popped into the Kiehls store in Westfield Stratford and had a quick test to determine what skin type I have.

I have combination skin, some days it is incredibly dry but that’s mostly because I had been using the wrong type of product. Then others it can be really oily, it can also be a combination of both, for example, the day I went into Kiehls my face was oily but my cheeks were really dry.

This is what I have been using mostly from all the kiehls products I have (If you follow me on Instagram and twitter you will be able to see what else I got) and here are my top three items.

Ultra Facial Cleanser

It does state that it is a gentle liquid formula that cleanses without over drying or stripping skin. As I mentioned before I was using products that were doing just that, drying it out and stripping my skin. Typical products were the micro bead exfoliating scrubs I was using which are incredible abrasive being they have tiny plastic balls within the cleanser. I did like the fact in my old face scrubs that my dead skin was being removed but this does the whole cleanse so it dissolves excess oil, dirt and debris so everything is naturally balanced. It is light and clear and a small amount is fine. If you do put on lots like I did the first time it will lather up so you only need a tiny bit and it covers my entire face. So I massage in as suggested in circular motions and rinse with clean water. There isn’t much of a smell though maybe a hint of apricot but that suits me. I like it if I’m honest, it makes my skin soft once its dry so then I move on to the next product I use after I have used the cleanser.

Calendula Herbal Extract Toner

I was advised that some of the products I was using was not helping my skin because they had alcohol in. So I was recommended to use alcohol free products. This is it. I kid you not I think this is the problem solver…Alcohol free products. This toner is made with whole flowers and pure extracts. I saw this with the calendula leaves in and I remember thinking when I looked through the clear bottle and shaking it up this is a bit odd. The leaves floating around in yellowy liquid. It is my saviour. I put it on a cotton pad and apply it all over my face. The smell is a very peculiar one but it doesn’t matter to me because this is what I believe is making my skin spot free. I noticed a difference within days of using it but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t my skin having a few good days my chance and waited until a week in and trust me its helping. It is for normal to oily skin so it is perfect for me. I love this one.

Ultra Facial Cream

I tried a few moisturisers at Kiehls but this one is ideal for me as the texture is super light. The last thing I want is thick and slow drying moisturiser, I’m busy and I normally would take short cuts to save time in the morning and  the last thing I need is to have a super long routine. This dries in no time and I can then get ready and add my make up. So the beauty about this product is it leaves my skin smooth, soft, protected with its SPF 30 and it is a 24 hour cream leaving the skin feeling balanced and hydrated. Wonderful. Smell again is not your normal moisturising lotion smell but I think its because its more natural with all the plant extracts. Clearly all the products I was using before had all the lovely smells but full of things that were making my skin worse. I am in love with this one too.

So, all in all I am extremely happy with the Kiehls products for my face. I honestly believe that this morning routine is doing my skin wonders and it takes less than five minutes for me every morning. After I have used the cleanser, I am applying my toner and moisturiser whilst I’m walking around and multi tasking in the morning. It works for me.

Price wise Kiehls is far more expensive than other brands but it seems to be long lasting. As mentioned I have been using this for two weeks now and it looks as though I have barely touched any of the product when I clearly have so…It is totally going to last me a while therefore I would rather pay that bit more knowing its going to last me a lot longer and maintain healthy skin and that is what I really want.

If you have breakouts or have combination skin that varies day to day pop into your local kiehls store and they can help talk you through the best products for you to use.

They even put your products in pretty presentation boxes and better still you can pick up some samples to try if you are really not sure on a few products before you purchase.

I think this stuff is fabulous for my skin right now and will definitely continue using it.

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With love Mel x


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