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Heaven Scent of Whitstable

Whitstable, the seaside town on the north coast of Kent, in the South east of England, well known for its beach but more specifically the Whitstable Oyster festival. Here lies within this beautiful part of Kent, Heaven Scent of Whitstable.

Heaven Scent of Whitstable is a small shop located in the high street, and believe me, you may not see it at first but you will certainly be drawn to it, with the amazing smells of the candles that are lit in the shop and the bath products on display, your nose will take you right to the shop, it smelt amazing.

As you walk in the door the first products you notice are the luxury room diffusers and natural wax scented candles all displayed immaculately.

I also with my eagle eye notice the colour scheme and decor, it definitely has the seaside feel but with a touch of modern luxury about it, with beautiful rustic style flooring just so fitting in this seaside town.

I was greeted as I came in the shop by the owner Carly, she was polite and professional and clearly understands the importance of excellent customer service. She was so warm and accommodating and also she explained the products to me in detail.

Heaven Scent of Whitstable support farmers by using 100% natural wax blend in all of their candles.

They offer cruelty free products and paraben free products too.

Along with candles and room diffusers, Heaven Scent of Whitstable offer bath creamers, room & pillow sprays, massage bars, soaps, bath salts, wax melts, tea light candles and glass holders for those wax melts and so many other amazing products.

The bath creamers look so good, presented in the form of a cupcake, looked to me good enough to eat, obviously that’s not what they are meant for eating, but honestly they looked beautiful. The Shea butter wax melts for the bath tub looked equally beautiful, in the form of little round discs one of the discs had a little slice of orange on the top, of course I had to try this, so in the basket it went and the lavender one too to help me relax.

The massage bars, well, if you like honey and vanilla, raspberry and coconut or perhaps vanilla and coffee bean then you will love these, trust me when I say they smelt delicious. These bars too are visually appealing.

I also added to my basket soap scrubs containing cocoa butter, now we all know how soft and nourishing that makes our skin. You can tell the texture of these scrubs will do wonders for your skin even before trying it out in a lovely hot bath. The smell honestly again, delicious.

My basket had all sorts of treats for me to try, I had to have a natural wax scented candle so I chose the aptly named sunshine as it is after all summer, however, there are many options for you to chose from. You could perhaps have Nautical mile or pebble beach (very fitting if you are visiting the seaside town of Whitstable) or perhaps, spring tide, festival, or evening embers, all smelling fabulous. They even offer a milk bottle candle. I was so impressed. Along with a candle purchase, you receive a rather cute box of matches with the Heaven Scent of Whitstable logo on, these little details make this business stand out from the large chains.

You also receive when you purchase any room diffuser or candle a free handmade soap bar. Again, it’s the little things. You will appreciate the soap bars when you see them.

I had so many products in my basket and I was already imagining myself running a bath, putting a wax melt in the tub and having the candle lit. I knew at that point the bathroom would smell amazing, as would I.

Carly wrapped my products individually with the Heaven Scent of Whitstable paper and neatly placed in my bag which was sealed with a sticker with the company logo on. The attention to detail is what makes this small business that extra special and has a luxury feel to it for sure, your custom is genuinely valued and the one to one service is exceptional.

I am a huge supporter of local businesses. I think its important to take the time to visit smaller businesses. I tend to do this often.

If you are looking to visit Whitstable soon, the first two weekends of July Heaven Scent of Whitstable will have a pop up shop at the harbour market showing a sample selection, they would love to see you there. If you are not able to visit in July then head to the shop, details below of where you can find it.

It would be wonderful if you could make a visit to this shop in Whitstable, if like me you enjoy a nice soak in the bath and enjoy a bit of relaxation after a long day you will appreciate the amazing offerings. I will keep you updated on my Twitter and Instagram account of how my bath times are going with all the lovely products I have to try out.

You can visit the shop at 106b High street, Whitstable, CT5 1AZ

Or you can visit Heaven Scent of Whitstable via social media pages

Instagram page

Twitter page

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I would love to hear about your visit to Whitstable and the beautiful shop on the high street. Feel free to comment below or message me on my social media pages.

With Love Mel



  1. Naveen
    01/10/2018 / 3:49 pm

    Do you do any workshops for soap or candle Making in Whitstable?

    • Melita
      09/10/2018 / 4:04 pm

      Hi Naveen,

      Unfortunately I am not sure. If you contact Heaven Scent of Whitstable directly they may be able to advise you if they do have any workshops.

      They may also be able to advise you of an alternative workshop if they do not hold any themselves.

      Best of luck.


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