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Cahoots London

We were all transported back in time. Post-war 1940’s underground tube station at Kingly Court, Carnaby.

If you want a fabulous night out, head to Cahoots London, and here are a few reasons why I will be going back again and trying so of the other similar venues to this one.

A real life time machine

On arrival you will receive a copy of the Kingly Court Herald newspaper which is a lovely touch and turns out to be the menu. Me: “I will have multiple cocktails please”

As you walk down the stairs to the bar itself you are greeted with brown tiled walls (sounds worse than it looks) you will understand how authentic it looks when you visit, old signs that read ” to the trains” and “ticket office” and posters all from the 1940’s, underground signs which we are all familiar with today and whilst taking in a mental note of all these pieces on show you really can appreciate how much times have changed for the better of course.

Once you are in the bar we notice even more time pieces on show. The first sign that caught my eye on the wall was “Air Raid Shelter” and guidelines should you need to take cover. These little things make this place even more impressive.

The live entertainment warming up in the background in preparation for the performances later in the evening was pretty cool too so this meant it was time to head to the bar to try some amazing cocktails on offer.

The Bar

The staff behind the bar are literally, amazing. I mean super super cool people. Clearly they know what they are doing and do actually put on a show for you too when making the cocktails. They really do come across as though they love what they do which is so nice, they make the most amazing cocktails, in line with the era but with a modern touch. We tried a few alcoholic shots which were all made up in front of us and a few different types of cocktails I literally had so much fun watching them. I had the Over the Top cocktail and it was so delicious I actually had two of these.

The Tube

A real tube carriage within the bar, with seating areas and tables for you to sit and enjoy the entertainment and company you are with and perhaps even some rations which you can order too.

It has over head shelving for those old luggage cases that you see in old movies and candle lights for those black outs during the war.

The staff look after you too in the carriage and cater for your requirements. We even had the old tin cups to drink out of.

This place is literally a must so if you can book a table sooner rather than later I suggest you do so.

The Live entertainment

The air raid siren sends shivers though my body, this is the start of the performance. We arrived on an evening where there were three women all dressed in the typical 1940’s silhouette of skirts down to the knee and nipped in waists creating the hour glass figure so typically identified with the 40’s.

They had great singing voices and sang songs of that era and new songs but in keeping with the sounds of the 40’s.

They were surrounded by sandbags, a large piano and all sorts of vintage items, I noticed a vintage clock on top of suitcase after suitcase. There was so much to take in. However, the ladies performed brilliantly and looked the part.

We all throughly enjoyed ourselves that night, I laughed so much, I was with amazing company yet again and we literally had a the best time. The atmosphere, the people, the entertainment, even the lighting all added to this fab experience. I love that about places I haven’t been too is that it soon becomes an experience if its put together properly like this. Special thanks to the lovely member of staff after handing me my newspaper on arrival got me a stool to sit on at the bar. I do like wearing those heels that are not good for us women after ten minutes.

So…if this tickles your fancy then I would suggest you get on the ole dog and bone as they say in my part of the country and call up or head to the website. Full details below. I had a brilliant time and I know you will too. Keep up to date on all my new adventures in the coming weeks and subscribe to my website and be the first to know whats happening.

I hope you have enjoyed my post about Cahoots London and would love to hear about your time there. Leave comments below.

To book go to

Call 0207 352 6200 or email

13 Kingly Court, Carnaby, W1B 5PG

With love Mel


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