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Grey Trinket Tray
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Melita Latham Slimline Clutchbag
Melita Latham London Card Holder
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A small business is a big deal. My dreams are too!

I’m not just saying this because one day I too hope to start my own small business that eventually will turn into a huge and successful business. I am a lover of small businesses regardless.

To start a business is not only financially risky but also incredibly scary, it’s the unknown, will people buy what you are selling? how do you compete with such large corporate firms? How can I stand out from the rest? Well, I have asked myself these questions over and over again too and many more such like.

Firstly, the customer service is far better I find with smaller businesses, I’m not saying that all big brands do not provide great customer service but due to the volume of customers its very hard for them to give you that extra care and attention that perhaps a small business owner can. All businesses strive for repeat business but for a small business it’s super important so they do go that extra mile to ensure you are a happy customer and you return.

No matter where you buy from you are paying someone’s wages but a small business is doing just that, they are raising the funds to pay wages and reinvest in more stock to keep heads above water and the business ticking over. Many small businesses don’t make a profit in the first few years when starting out. If you are lucky enough to break even you are doing well. You don’t see that big pot of disposable cash that the larger firms have.

They all started somewhere, many entrepreneurs and large businesses started as a small business once so there is no limit as to how big you can grow. If you are driven and determined to succeed then it can be done.

To start, everything in a small business is literally small, stock, money, technology, customers you name it. It is a brave move though and one I need to have the courage and bite the bullet and do sooner rather than later. The days are longer, you have to put ten times more effort in because you are limited with your overheads and you desperately want it to succeed. That means most hours of the day are spent ensuring your business is successful and you could end up working day and night to get there.

I commend anyone that is thinking of having a start-up too, I have the up most respect for anyone who had or has a business. The sense of achievement must be overwhelming. I get excited about speaking with designers about branding and products but to have it and say I did this, I created a business, I can call it my own. I applaud you.

I have to try and if I fail, I fail. I hope I don’t fail, but people don’t go into business if they know they are going to fail. The goal is to succeed and be good at what you do, make customers happy and make a profit.

Large businesses also benefit from the smaller businesses too, how? Employees may start off in a small business, learn all the necessary business skills and then later on move to a large firm and then apply those skills in the larger companies. Free training I guess you could call it.

Whenever I see a small boutique shop when I am out and about I always make a point of looking around at least, even if I dont make a purchase I do spread the word. These shops are definitely part of the communities. Word of mouth is free marketing for the business, it is so helpful for the business that they can rely on custom via this method. Larger firms can print a million copies of glossy posters so spread the word if you see a small business it all helps.

My dream has been to start my own business for years it hasn’t left my head. I remember when I was younger I used to bulk buy many things from eBay. One time I bought a job lot of eyeshadows and then resold them individually to my friends. I was only young. I think I broke even on those but you know what the profit wasn’t important at the time, although it would have been nice, it was the buzz I got from people buying from me and then using the products.

I have a huge love for business, I have been fortunate enough that I have been mentored throughout my working life, my first proper job when I was 17 in a corporate business I had a great mentor whom I will always be grateful for the time spent helping me along the way. I had a business mentor many years ago and we would discuss my business plans and you know what things have changed so much since the first time we went through my business plans. I also have been fortunate enough in recent times to work with other amazing people whom I consider now as my friends not just my mentors.

In case you are wondering one day I will have my own business specialising in Luxury Travel Accessories. I love travelling, I love fashion and it made absolute sense to combine my favourite things into one. It’s coming, so it would be amazing if you could spread the word as I too will go through all the experiences others have had in their own start ups.

I will strive for a brand that offers the best customer service, amazing products, a personal touch with purchases and lots of love, care and attention.

It would be awesome if you could share this post too. Spreading the small business love.

Soon I will be sharing my dreams with you all.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and if you too want to start up your own business please don’t let fear take over as like me you may leave it longer than you needed to.

With Love Mel x



  1. 30/07/2017 / 5:58 pm

    Love this posts, I couldn’t agree more I always love going into our little boutique smaller businesses whether it be for coffee or clothes. We have loads in York and I love to spread the word to family and friends, it’s such a great feeling when you see that business becoming more successful and I hope I see the same from you!

    • Melita
      30/07/2017 / 6:22 pm

      Thank you Rhianna for your lovely comment. 🙂

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