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Bob Bob Ricard

You know you have to go to a restaurant when the first thing you see is an image on the website showing a button located on each table with a sign saying “Press for Champagne”. So, thats exactly what a few of us did, I reserved a table for a group of us to try this restaurant out in London. We arrived at 6.30pm, an early dinner but we had another place we wanted to visit after dinner.

Bob Bob Ricard, is located in Soho and is a luxury all booth dining room. Honestly it is amazing.

You arrive and the first thing that captures your attention is the lavish decor, patterns, and overall character of the interior, its just fabulous. Its so grand and luxurious its a place that oozes opulence.

We are taken to our table, located in the red dining room (there is a blue dining room too), this room has the most amazing lighting, red and gold interior, with backgammon motifs on the floor and I believe oriental themes. Its honestly incredible.

The booth is spacious and comfortably sits 6 people, there was 4 of us so it was perfect. The black marble table was laid immaculately. Everything looked so pretty that I just didn’t want to spoil the setting. I really want to have a dinner set like Bob Bob Ricards, pink and gold rimmed plates, with the logo stamped on the top of the plate, beautiful wine glasses, and table lighting was perfect. Standing out was as mentioned the “Press for Champagne” I waited a while before I pressed it. It didn’t take long though before I did.

Our waiters were so accommodating from the start, allowing us time to look through the pretty pink menu, ordering our drinks first we tried the -18 degrees Vodka, ordered red wine, water for the table and then decided what we were having to eat.

We ordered bread and olives, starters and mains, and pressed the button for champagne and within a flash the champagne arrived, our food was being made and we were having a good chat and taking lots of videos and photos of the surroundings and each other. The waiters honestly were brilliant, the service you receive here is fantastic, the attention to detail is spot on.

This is luxury, you are most definitely getting what you pay for.

Starters arrived, honestly, the food is so good looking that again it was as pretty as a picture I just didn’t want to devour it even though it looked so tasty. I went for the Beetroot and goats cheese gateau. See for yourself with my pictures in this post it was a mini gateau, fantastic.

There were oysters and all sorts ordered too. We ate our starters and moved on to our mains, they arrived in no time at all, I have to say early on, try the truffled mashed potato, its scrumptious. The wait for food wasn’t long and it again all looked so delicious when it arrived. Depending on what you order the waiters will pour your sauces for you onto your plate and ensure everything you have requested is to your satisfaction. This service is impeccable.

We chatted and laughed, people watched as you do and it really made the evening that extra special being in high spirits, no matter where I am if I am with the best company its great, but to be in such an amazing restaurant with exceptional food and service it became an experience.

After mains, it was time for my favourite part of any dinner, the dessert. I’m such a chocoholic, I love to have something sweet after dinner, and I wanted to try the iconic Bob Bob Ricard signature dessert. The “BBR Chocolate Glory” my goodness it was just that, absolutely glorious. Divine, tasty, melt in the mouth, a real end of evening show stopper. Mmmm I was in heaven. You are greeted with a round golden ball in the middle of your plate, the waiter then pours hot melted chocolate over the gold chocolate ball and as the chocolate melts the treats inside appear, passionfruit, berries, orange jelly and chocolate mousse. Seriously this is heavenly food. I ate it all, obviously.

I write many reviews about places I have visited and genuinely I mean when I say, I would highly recommend taking a visit to Bob Bob Ricard if you are next in London.

The service is amazing, I would like to thank those that looked after us during dinner, they really were great.

The food is delicious and clearly so much time and effort goes into all dishes, the presentation is exquisite and tasted divine.

My next stop is going to be Bob Bob Exchange, the sister restaurant to Bob Bob Ricard due to open this summer. I hope I can be one of the first to try this place when it opens so I can write another review, if its anything like BBR I am sure it will be amazing.

If you like what you have read here please book yourself a table online by going to

The online system is pretty simple to follow however I would book up as early as you possibly can. Its a big deal this place, everyone wants to go so the tables will be getting booked up.

Bob Bob Ricard is open 365 days a year, afternoons and evenings so plenty of opportunity to enjoy this gem.

Should you wish to contact the restaurant directly once you have made your booking please call: 0203 145 1000 or email

1 Upper James St, Soho, W1F 9DF

I would like to thank all staff again for the fabulous service, the chefs too for amazing food and the great company I was with.

This post is dedicated to my forever friend and the reason why we went out for dinner in the first place.

Check out my Instagram and twitter for more photos and videos of the dinner at Bob Bob Ricard.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review, I hope you enjoyed it and would love to hear about your experience at BBR.

With Love Mel x


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