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My Daily Haircare Routine

Getting ready for work in the morning is pretty hard most days, but for me its really frustrating because it takes me forever to get ready, not just with my hair but I get distracted by all sorts, I know I should get up earlier but I just like that bit of extra time in bed, have a cup of tea, watch the news etc…I set my alarms (I have about 6 alarms) get up about 6-6.30am and prepare myself for a long routine. If this was a night out its totally different I love doing my make up and my hair but this is my standard morning haircare routine.

I wash my hair every day, yes, every day. I do this for a number of reasons. I like that clean feeling and when I wash my hair in the shower, yes it takes ages, but I feel so much better for it. It completely wakes me up. This is probably the main reason why I am late for most things if I’m honest.

I have long thick brown hair, its incredibly thick, most often I have to have it thinned out when I am at the hairdressers. Most people say they love my thick hair, however I find it incredibly difficult to manage. I can’t have nice hairstyles that women with thinner hair have as it doesn’t stay up that well unless I put tonnes of hairspray on it.

I wash my hair with L’oreal shampoo and conditioner. I tend to go for the Elvive Nutri-gloss Crystal shampoo, it comes in a bright pink bottle and I have always used dull or damaged hair products even though my hair is in great condition I just think thats one of the reasons it is the way it is, I have never used fine to normal shampoos. This particular shampoo has what L’oreal call visible crystals and pearl. You literally can see glitter in the bottle although glitter doesn’t stay in your hair after you have washed the shampoo out.

The shampoo and conditioners last me not very long at all, I have to restock regularly. I shampoo my hair and really give my scalp and hair a good scrub, I will leave it in a few minutes and then wash it out, then next apply my conditioner. I run out of conditioner quicker than I do my shampoo purely because I put loads on my hair. This is what I leave in the longest of the two.

After my hair is all washed, smelling great, its up in a towel ready for the next stages.

I will make a call on whether or not I should blow dry my hair or leave it to dry naturally, I make this decision based on two things, one is the weather (if its raining I won’t bother drying it) and two is if I can be bothered to get hot and bothered with a hairdryer.

If I decide to blow dry my hair, I always use Tresemme Heat protection spray, I like the smell of Tresemme products but it actually does what it says and protects my hair. I will spray this on my practically dripping hair (my hair retains so much moisture) making sure I have great product coverage by sectioning my hair. I will then use my Percy and reed Volumising no oil oil (It is called “No oil oil” thats not a typo) a few drops squeezed onto my hands and I run through my hair from root to tip and brush through. On we go with the drying.

I use my rounded hair brushes whilst drying and straightening with the brush as I go, I don’t very often use straighteners purely because I like to have a bit of wave in my hair.

Once the drying process is over, this takes about 10 minutes, gah, I’m already bored at this point so do a bit of singing or dancing and I am so eager to get breakfast, I use my Nuxe Multi purpose Dry Oil and massage a bit in my hands to warm it up a little and run over my hair so its smooth and stops the fly away hairs from the blow drying.

If I decided not to blow dry my hair, I will use the Percy and reed oil, just a few drops in the palm of my hand and run it through my towel dried hair and leave to dry naturally.

Both the Percy and Reed and Nuxe oils smell amazing so I have the scent in my hair that lasts throughout the day and the great thing is my hair is always shiny. Its silky soft and smooth most definitely and never looks greasy, you would assume the amount of oils I am using it is but honestly its not.

I have always had long hair and my hair does give me confidence and makes me feel good when its all styled properly but the frustrating thing is that it grows so quickly and I just can’t bare for it to be cut off short because I have had so many disasters, last time I braved it to be cut off I did cry. I hated it. So I have to deal with the dilemmas every morning and so many more haircuts than normal.

I would highly recommend though using hair oils they really do nourish your hair, protect it and strengthen it. The other great benefit is that they can add volume to your hair. I definitely don’t need to use oil to have volumed hair its too blimin thick but I use oils for all the other great qualities they provide.

For the products I use check out the below links:

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

With Love Mel x


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