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Brunch and Bubbles

This time last weekend I was enjoying brunch and bubbles with the Fabulous Cristina Criddle. For those who don’t yet know Cristina I will leave links below for her social media pages. She writes awesome travel reviews and so much more.

Cristina and I met for brunch at Daisy Green, Marylebone, London. Listed as a grade II building it is a lovely casual & cosy place, with an artisan coffee shop on the first floor and the lower ground has been transformed into an Alice in wonderland esq garden.

I quite liked it. The food I thoroughly enjoyed. I had poached eggs on charcoal toast with extra sausages. I just can’t help myself. The chilli pesto was homemade and tasted absolutely divine. We had a bottle of Prosecco (Only served from midday- we got the hint) which went down for me like water. I’m terrible.

All in all it’s a cute place and Cristina did a great job picking it. You can reserve to ensure you get a table but if you are passing you may get a table as they save tables for walk-ins.

Bubbles and Brunch was lovely, we chatted and giggled and I really enjoyed the afternoon with Cristina.

London is such a great place and there is always something going on. I was observing people putting up posters for shows at the Marble Arch theatre, the Christmas lights already hanging above Oxford Street in October and Selfridges display windows full of life-size Santa’s! Gah!

Most weekends I am in London. I could never tire of it. Although when I do come home from the hustle and bustle I appreciate the quieter roads and less car horns where I live.

It is Autumn and I can really feel the colder air hitting us at the minute. Last weekend was the first weekend I had to wear a scarf. It is the worst for me especially when I am clothes shopping. I can’t stand it clothes shopping in the winter, the amount of clothes you have to take off to try things on and the time it takes to put back on after. To add to this when are high street shops going to introduce toilet’s? I tell you the amount of clothes I have not bought and put back purely because the cold has hit me and I have to go for a wee. (Yes, I said wee).

I don’t think I am quite ready for the idea of Christmas. With Halloween around the corner I can see it now…the Christmas adverts the day after Halloween, the shops stacking the shelves with all their Christmas stock. I just can’t even bring myself to think about it right now especially with Melita Latham London always at the forefront of my mind.

I’m on a health kick from tomorrow. I literally eat so much rubbish and I eat later than I should and it is so bad for me. I have to avoid eating so late. I have to motivate myself to try harder and not give up. I use the excuse I am too busy. Yes, I am busy but for half an hour a day I know I will feel so much better about myself. So here goes the start of a healthier lifestyle. No more takeaways! I just can’t do it anymore. Well, maybe one a week but right now thinking of a takeaway is making me feel a bit sick.

I am going to dig out every gym item I own and start right there. I love that feeling after exercise so I don’t know why its so hard to get back into it again after doing it for so long knowing how I feel after. It’s super annoying.

I love healthy food as well as exercise. My go to snack is cucumber and celery and I love nuts and seeds. I just need to focus and avoid the alcohol and takeaways.

Melita Latham London promotion is going well. I have some new images to share very soon and also I have so much planned for next week after each working day has finished it’s going to be a good week next week. I hope anyway.

So for those of you that liked the look of Daisy green image I attached here are all the details and where you can find them.

20 Seymour Street, London, W1H 7HX Tel: 0207 723 3301 email

Follow Cristina Criddle on Twitter @cristinacriddle also check out her website

Thanks again Cristina for a lovely afternoon.

Thanks to everyone who reads, follows, tweets, likes, retweets, shares and subscribes. You are awesome!

Come find me over on Twitter my usual hang out!

Have a great Halloween!

With Love Mel x


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