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Dirty Bones Carnaby St Soho

This is no lie! The best cheesy chips I have EVER had and you can get them at Dirty Bones, Carnaby St, Soho.

I honestly will be going back just for these chips. I wasn’t expecting to love these cheesy chips as much as I did. I mean they are just cheesy chips to everyone else not to me…I wonder how many more times I can get away with saying cheesy chips before it gets a bit tedious. It’s only cheese. Oh no. I. LOVE. CHEESE. I often buy the small cathedral city mature cheese sticks so I get my daily kick of cheese.

A cheese stick will suffice for now until I sort the ingredients to match the Dirty bones way…Cheese sauce, cheddar, aged parmesan and white truffle oil….That’s it…perhaps I just need to get back to Dirty Bones. I can see my take on it being a disaster.

You will know from my previous posts that I tend to eat a fair bit in London and I wasn’t too far away from Dirty Bones when I was at Cahoots last (You can still catch up on the Cahoots post on my website if you haven’t seen it. I would highly recommend a visit there).

Dirty Bones is on the top floor of Kingly Court and like most of the restaurants there its doesn’t look much from the outside but boy, the phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ springs to mind. We did have a look through some other restaurant windows beforehand and they all looked pretty good but we were keeping our options open. I kept saying to my friend “Dirty bones” where have I heard of that before…It was only when I started to write this post I realised it was on a video I made of my night out at Cahoots.

It’s Halloween (Wooooooo) the decor matched the event. They also offered a limited edition ‘smashed pumpkin cocktail’. The ceilings and neon lights were lined with bats and webs.

There is so much choice on the drinks menu. Especially the cocktails. Of course my friend and I had to try a cocktail. It tends to be our thing actually. It took me ages though to choose because I kept looking at the names of the cocktails rather than what was in them. I have a similar problem when it comes to picking horses say for the Grand National. I never look at odds, I never get the finer details like the jockey or previous wins, I just go by the name of the horse. I think most people that don’t know it so well do that anyway. So I picked a cocktail purely because I liked the name of it.

The food menu is smaller which was good for me, it took me less time to decide what to have. I mean anything with cheese on is a winner. We had cheeseburger dumplings to start. I liked these not too filling before a main meal.

The main I decided on a cheeseburger…Oh god I sound ridiculous, however it wasn’t until I did some research about this place after the fact I found out it is an American style restaurant. Who knew!

Now, if I was to order a steak it would be a request for it to be burnt. My friend likes her steak “Moo’in” Like Mooooooo Mooooo Cow Mooooo. She’s a champion. She had a rare steak. Nope Sozza. Burnt for me. Let’s talk about the cheesy chips on the side. Please help me… I need these chips with that sauce on right now. Just look at these beauties. To add I had some of my friends Mac N Cheese. Sorry. Not Sorry.

Mouth watering. I have to have them it must be the truffle oil. It’s divine.

Anyway now back to the cocktail. It too was delicious. Not tangy or sweet like some. Really nicely balanced. Just wish I could remember the name for you. I liked the name that’s why I picked it but forgot it already. I actually didn’t drink it as quickly as I normally would a cocktail, I had small little sips throughout my lunch and had water also I was being very good. The temptation for red wine was there but I am cutting back on that too.

The service was brilliant. The waiter really looked after us so that was the cherry on the cake. Price too again for what we ordered which was lots the price was fair. When you get your bill they pop a little notebook for you to write a comment in. I flicked through a few pages and one girl clearly liked the waiter on her last visit to Dirty Bones as she left her phone number… One way of getting people’s numbers I suppose but still, I liked the idea of the notebook to leave feedback there and then without filling in a questionairre. Gave me an idea for my day job actually.

From the outside Dirty Bones may not look like much but the food is the star of the show after all that’s what we went for. Go, go, go…Get your cheesy chips and tell me I’m right and they are the most amazing cheesy chips you will ever have.

I am utterly jealous that people have been eating them right now whilst I’ve been reminiscing about every single mouthful.

Next time I am heading to Kensington or Shoreditch Dirty Bones as they have DJ’s and all sorts going on. So I assume they are much larger and have more sittings. (Oxford Street Opening soon).

If you would like to try those cheesy chips here’s where you can find Dirty Bones Carnaby at Top Floor, Soho, W1B 5PW

Twitter @DirtyBonesLDN

Instagram @dirtyboneslondon

Let me know how you get on with those amazing cheesy chips!!!

With Love Mel x


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