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The House Restaurant

The House Restaurant, East Street, Brighton is a little gem. Although they have outdoor seating area in the summer, in the autumn and winter seasons if you are not looking for a place to eat you would certainly miss it. Situated in the south lanes here is a family run business that offers fabulous British bistro food.

As with all my food posts I go through each course in detail and drawl at the thought of the food I ate the night before or a week ago when typing up the post this time I doing it with pictures.

So, this place has such a great vibe. I have sat in the window seat with cushions (it looks better than out sounds and more comfortable) on two occasions and I think it is a lovely spot. It has just a nice feel about it, literally.

The staff are friendly and professional. You have a great selection of food on the menu’s and its reasonably priced too.

This contemporary bistro also has a sister restaurant in Shoreham so if you are unable to get to Brighton try Chambers Bistro.

I love mashed potato! Although the above picture was not the dish I ordered I did try a bit of the mash and the beef wellington though it was absolutely delicious. I was however extremely happy with my vegetarian choice below. The flavours were just jumping around on my palette. Yummy!

How do you like the look of the food so far? It really is good looking and tasting food. Full of flavours and looks so visually appealing. I won’t reveal what everything is its down to you to try and make your own judgement.

We had a red tulip on our table. I noticed this first actually thinking why not a rose? Not that it should be a rose of course but, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one red tulip in a vase like that before. I may have but just not acknowledged it. A singular tulip. I loved it. Different and looked so pretty.

I also noticed on the wall 4 prints of which you can see the image below. I like contemporary art in fact, I like all forms of art work. I have a real passion for art work. I will always take the time to look at pictures and art displayed on walls.

My love of art started in Brighton. I then went on to study Art in Kent and was as you may have read from my previous post quite good at it.

I also would like to mention the wallpaper which on the feature wall is a book shelf back to back with books. This is an old victorian residence and so you kind of want to keep a bit of character and that is a nice little tribute.

They are taking bookings for the Christmas so if any of the above images has helped with your decision to go here please see details below:


You can find them: 37 East Street, BN1 1HL or call: 01273 321111

Overall, I really enjoyed the food here. It’s divine. This post I wanted to pay particular attention to the food and restaurant itself as it is such a nice place and I honestly can’t wait to go back there again.

Thank you to everyone who has looked after our table during our time at the restaurant.

With Love Mel x


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