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Comedy of errors

“Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast!” I studied Shakespeare at school and was actually in a few plays although this quote was from the play “Comedy of errors” that I wasn’t in. I wouldn’t dream of watching the clips back to myself of those school plays I would be incredibly embarrassed. I remember I played Olivia in Twelfth night, Olivia attracted various men because of her wealth and beauty who dreamt of marrying her…Oh how hilarious, how alike Olivia and I are. (This is a joke obviously, wealth and beauty, hahaha, men falling to my feet requesting my hand in marriage…Yes of course they are, I mean NO they are not!)

This week I have managed to suppress my usual panic by consciously avoiding thinking about things as much in detail. I know that’s not good for me because it ends up building up and up and then I explode so I will need to talk a bit more to avoid the inevitable.

I met up with an old primary school friend last week so that was lovely catching up. We went to Bohemia in Brighton and had red wine and dinner. She and I chatted for hours and it was a nice reminder of my roots. I went to the Christmas market and honestly it must have been the easiest sale of the day for the stall owner…as I was walking past I couldn’t hear the full sentence but I heard the word “Chocolate” so I stopped and had a look. Mini taster pots of Chocolate red wine by a company called Rubis. I bought a bottle. £14! (Gasp) In actual fact it was free in my eyes seeing as I got 15 quid off from a clothes purchase earlier in the day. I haven’t tried a full glass yet so I am looking forward to that.

I have days like most where I think, I look bloody great and then others I look a heap of rubbish, perhaps the day my zip broke on my trousers didn’t help. Walking around the office with my trousers practically falling down to my ankles. I must have looked ridiculous. It will be the first Christmas everyone else will be gaining weight and I will be losing it definately. The time I am off over the holidays I will be running and getting myself back to where I want to be. I will not buy anymore clothes in my current size that’s for sure.

To add, I walked around the office a few days later with my button undone on my top and it was pointed out to me in kind of a subtle way but still rather embarrassing. Fortunately I had a good bra on! I am not having much luck with clothes of late.

I went to a comedy club in Brighton…Fair play to the acts but honestly it wasn’t what I thought it would be. On occasions I laughed because everyone else laughed even though I didn’t find it funny. I did this because after a while I felt bad sitting there with a blank expression. Poor guys, that must be their worst nightmare being a comedian and the audience not finding your jokes funny. All credit to them for keeping at it. Maybe it wasn’t the jokes maybe it was me not getting them who knows. Personally, I think for me it was ‘a try too hard approach’. I think I’ll go again on another night and try another subject rather than comedy on history.

I love comedy. I adore Joe Lycett. Unfortunately now whenever I hear the name “Sally” I always follow it up with “You’re a piece of S***” That is all thanks to Joe. It’s funny what you remember. In fact, I start singing lyrics from songs when people say certain words. It’s an odd thing to do but I do it. I watch comedy shows when I am in need of cheering up. 8 out of 10 cats does it and Top Gear. That reminds me the Grand Tour is on next Friday and how excited am I about it. I like cars, hate to drive my own but I love the relationship of the three chaps. It’s amazing and that’s what you call friendship.

After Komedia it was time for dinner at the House Restaurant in Brighton, seems to be the go to place for dinner but I like it. I liked the wilted tulip on the table as it was pretty much closing time. I like the staff who listen to the shit from our table and I like the overall feel of the place. It’s awesome. You can read my review of the restuarant on my Food & Travel page.

So, it’s December…it’s terrible really but as much as I wanted the year to slow down I want Christmas to come and go in a flash. Next year is my year. I will have in 2018 my dream actually a reality. I will have a running business. Skip past the Christmas adverts that bore me come 5th December and roll on January.

I have big plans for next year in my head and I think that contributes to my ups and downs as I am constantly thinking about how I will prepare myself. I know the way I do things sometimes is laughable but I have planned long and hard to ensure I do things the right way next year. IT’S MY YEAR!

I will still share some festive spirit over the coming weeks, I also have lots of things going on in the run up to Christmas so I will be sharing plenty here and on my Social media accounts. I have started daily clips in December of my activities so you will find them mostly on Instagram and Twitter. Of course where else! I will beat my woes by myself because I can and I will and I will continue on my journey and hope its a great one!

The Christmas lights are up and the cold winter days are here but as much as I want next year to come sooner there are so many amazing things to do in December. I can’t wait for my first sip of mulled wine in the cold air walking around the markets and using the cup for another way to warm up my freezing hands. I love giving gifts and sharing memories most of all.

Who might be cooking Christmas dinner at Number 10 this year? Theresa May. *Canned laughter sound in my head*

Next week I’ll find a new place to write a review about as I’ve noticed my last post in Food & Travel was October so a food review is well and truly overdue! I’ll start the diet after that post I think!

Keep smiling, keep shining and be happy.

With love Mel x


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