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I have the time for Kiss Products

Lashes and nails on the go! I love wearing eyelashes and I love having my nails done but most of the time I don’t have time, this is a problem for me. Notice how the clock alarm is set for 4.30am? That wasn’t set up for the camera either, that genuinely is the time it was set for last time I used it.

I haven’t had the time recently to get my nails done and although it is a nice feeling after being pampered, to sit there for 45 minutes I just cannot do right now. In fact, by the time I sort myself out and fit it in maybe 3 hours of my spare time will be eaten up just having them done. Not anymore…I’m going to use these Impress Manicure nails. Quick to apply and takes 5 minutes to do.

If we talk lashes, these are by far my favourite addition to my entire make up look. I am a pro at applying my eyelashes as I have been doing them for years and years although I do remember the first time I did it, I think they ended up as eyebrows rather than eyelashes, this of course is an exaggeration however, one slight error and its inevitable that you will have wonky lashes that don’t sit right on top of your lash line.

The key for me is, Tweezers. I put the glue on the lashes but using the tweezers to grip the lashes at the same time, wait until the glue is tacky and then use the tweezers and place the lashes on the lash line and position them this way. It is far easier than using your fingers as the tweezers are sturdy and small enough to allow you to place on the lash line with ease. Once in position, I go over my eyelid with my liquid eyeliner to be sure if there is a slight gap between the lashes and my natural lashes you won’t see it. How’s about that then. A beauty tip. You’re welcome.

I attended a PR event for Kiss products on Friday at The Cuckoo Club, Mayfair. The place was great and the PR staff are awesome. The canopies and cocktails were delicious. I couldn’t help myself though with the chocolate fountain and profiteroles. Everything was incredibly well presented. The music was great too. A Solo pianist to a 12 piece band. Damien Flood Band, I’ll leave links below to his website.

The day started with me being in a mad rush. I did a few hours of work in the morning, had conference calls and customers to call so it was all a bit of a panic and then I jumped on the train and caught the tube to Green Park. The Cuckoo club is literally 5 mins from the station. I was there bang on time, I don’t know how though, literally everyone is sight seeing in London and I honestly had to dodge and rush past a million people to get to the venue on time.

I saw a face I recognised and her awesome blue hair. Emilina Latham. Otherwise known as Emilina Love. I’ll leave links below where you can find her. I met Pixie Lott, Charlie Lott and Mummy Lott that was great too.

At the event you could have henna tattoo’s, your eyelashes applied for you and your nails. I did have the ‘Iconic” Lashes on and the impress manicure I sat and had done whilst I was there so that was nice and completed in minutes. I was given so many boxes of lashes and nails that I feel like I have at least a months supply which is amazing.

The range is huge so I have lots to try out. I’ll keep you updated on all the Kiss Products I try and let you know how I get on over on Twitter and Instagram. Kiss Products retail between £5-10 each so honestly a real bargain for a quick fix. If you are in a rush like me and have not really much time to think or do much for yourself then these are for you and they look fabulous on.

The staff at The Cuckoo club were great too, especially the bar staff they were really polite and generally the whole vibe was cool. Alex Silver’s team were also brilliant and definitely worked hard so thanks ladies for the invitation. See you all very soon. 🙂

Special thanks for a lovely day to Alex Silver, The Cuckoo Club, Kiss Products, Impress manicure, The Lott Family and the great people I have forgotten to mention but it’s mainly because I am absolutely exhausted. It’s been another busy day today and I had to get this post up today as I made the fundamental mistake of telling everyone on social media it would be today when in actual fact I meant tomorrow I would write it up. (Sunday) I can’t undo what I did because everyone has seen it now!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and I’ll see you next week with an update on another exciting adventure planned.

With Love Mel x

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