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My eyes never lie

My eyes never lie

It is so true that your eyes are the windows to your soul. My eyes never lie. Your eyes never lie. No matter how good I think my facade is, my eyes always give everything away. With sadness comes tears from eyes, with happiness I’m bright eyed, with anger and love our pupils dilate of which we cannot control. I think my facade is covering up the stresses but it’s actually pretty transparent all because of my eyes! If I don’t look at you, it’s because I don’t want my eyes to tell you the truth.

This week has flown by and I don’t actually feel like I am any further forward with pretty much anything. I have done a lot, but seems not enough to empty my brain and forget about it.

I cried again this week. I felt alone. It’s so hard starting a business on your own. It’s really not simple. Self motivation is hard. I lost my way for a bit and lost track of what I needed to do. I then got super disappointed I didn’t achieve another huge milestone for my business. I felt I had failed already. Even writing this now I can feel myself getting a little bit worked up about it.

Anyhow, I feel ok at the moment. I do know that I might have the up and downs because of the amount of pressure I put myself under and the normal working pressures will take a toll but, if I have the right support network around me I should be ok. I hope so anyway.

I am going to do more for others, this always makes me feel so much more happier. I use Twitter a lot and I saw a tweet about raising funds for homeless people at Christmas, the funds would be used to buy essentials like toothpaste and sanitary products and everything that we use to keep clean and fresh we take for granted. The target was £200 to buy sanitary kits for the homeless, the just giving page raised at that moment £164 so I donated £36 for the target to be met. Now £36 may not seem like much to some but for the people that the money would be used for its a lot.

The owner of the just giving page and tweet was obviously happy she could do what she wanted to do and buy all these kits for the people on the streets of Liverpool but more importantly the people receiving such a kit is everything. This is what I remember after handing out rolls and water to people a few weeks back, that one thing made them feel better for a while, I’m sure of it.

This tweet inspired me and tells us that there are amazing people out there, there are people who make such wonderful gestures and it gave me a warm heart.

It is coming up to Christmas. We are in November, we can officially say its Christmas next month. It will be cold. It will be lonely for people out there on the streets so although I started this post about how I felt lonely and sad, I imagine it compares not one bit to how people on the streets feel.

Do something good. It will do you good.

I am heading to London next Friday for a PR product launch. It will remain a secret until after the event I don’t want to give away too much right here, right now but, all will be revealed soon. It’s exciting stuff though.

I have also come to the conclusion that I will need to do Christmas shopping online this year. As soon as the fireworks were over and done with we all knew the Christmas adverts would appear. My god, it didn’t take the shops too long either to stock up on Christmas merchandise. I literally walked in one shop and walked straight back out. It felt like it was Christmas Eve. Panic buying everywhere for that last minute gift. I mean please it’s NOVEMBER. Chill out!

It’s always the way though. If I was one of the many few that do this and buy all my Christmas presents either immediately after Christmas for the next year or in the middle of the year I would still, (because I am just built this way), end up buying a last minute gift on Christmas Eve. I don’t know why I do it.

I’m not feeling Christmassy yet like people I know. I think come December and all the parties, I’ll start to get it, right now. No!

I’m quite happy swinging on lamp posts instead!

I think that is pretty much it this week. In summary, I cried, I felt ok, I felt humbled, I laughed a bit, not a lot, not as much as I would have liked, I worked, I drank, I ate and that’s it. A standard week nothing majorly exciting. Although Melita Latham London has an EXCLUSIVE giveaway over on Twitter. Go check it out to be in with a chance of winning!

I am about to make my way out and watch a band in a local pub. I am on my own and using the time to recoup. I purposely did this actually. It’s my dad’s birthday 11th November and although my dad is no longer with us, I am in the place we called home when he was around. Happy Birthday Dad! Now I’ve really set myself off. I’m going to have a pear cider because I have had too much red wine this week and just take some time to enjoy my surroundings and chill out.

Live, laugh and Love.

With Love Mel x


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