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Card Holder
Grey Trinket Tray
Tan Card Holder
Brown Luggage Tag
White Trinket Tray
Melita Latham Slimline Clutchbag
Melita Latham London Card Holder
Melita Latham London Backpack
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Chapter 1 – Luxury

It’s nearly here…..Melita Latham…Luxury Travel accessories.

Welcome to my first business post about my brand Melita Latham.

Chapter One – Luxury

I have spent years chasing my dream of having my own business and the truth is I didn’t know where to begin. All I knew was that I had to work hard because my business wouldn’t be handed to me on a plate. I would have to earn the funds, put in the long hours and constantly feel like my head was going to explode with ideas and drama’s. This was the road I wanted to run along, when I say run along, that was my first big mistake.

It has taken me years, it really has to get to this point. The only real progress has been in the last three years but that is because I learnt from my errors. I wanted everything to happen early on so quickly, misjudging everything. I had to stop and reassess it all. Funds, designs, timeframes, literally start again from scratch.

I knew I wanted to do something in Fashion, I love travelling too and thought well, why not combine both.

I came up with some wacky ideas but thinking about them now years later they are not perhaps as crazy as I thought at the time and you never know I might just implement some of them later on. Let’s see how I get on first as I definitely won’t be running before I can walk this time round.

First I decided on Luxury Travel Accessories and in fact never changed my mind about this from making that decision. It had to be luxury though, why? I always have been drawn to beautiful boxes with ribbons and knowing inside is something of quality and workmanship.

My first ever designer item I bought was from Harrods, I was 18, I had my first credit card, how I thought I would pay it back at the time, I clearly didn’t think it through. I didn’t worry about it, later on in life realised the error of my ways. I bought myself a Christian Dior Purse. It was the most amazing purse I had ever seen and ever owned. It was packaged beautifully, with a dust bag, a gift box with a silk ribbon tied round and it was just beautifully made. 14 years later I donated it to charity after being stored away doing nothing, although a little worse for wear it was still useable and figured someone else may like it.

The point is I just had to have this item. I wasn’t buying it because everyone else had it, in fact many of my friends wanted to spend their money on nightclubs and alcohol at that age and plus we didn’t have social media influencers like we have today so I wasn’t buying it because it was on trend.

I have always loved London and people watching was the thing to do and sometimes still is when I sit al fresco in all seasons, not silently judging but admiring, especially all the men and women who would dress like a million pounds and probably did have millions of pounds in the bank. I was in awe of these people.

At school, I studied performing arts, I was good at it. I still have an incredible poker face now. In fact, only those that see my vulnerable side, there are only a few people that know how to read me, but most people can’t will know about my poker face skills. In drama lesson’s I would often read about actors and actresses and one particular women stood out to me the most. Audrey Hepburn. She was beautiful and an amazing actress. My mum and I would from then on watch Audrey Hepburn movies. Breakfast at Tiffany’s probably the most well known or My Fair lady, this being my favourite, Audrey being transformed from a cockney working class girl into someone in high society. “Ow, wouldn’t it be luvlee”

I loved watching Audrey’s elegance on screen, her clothes, her posture everything was so eye capturing. I wanted to have her style and grace growing up. Not sure I succeeded but I tried.

I was taught growing up that luxury is not just about those Christian Dior purses and handbags (that I did also purchase) it’s having the things that sometimes we take for granted. A bed, fresh sheets, food and good health. I know this. Each individual has their own take on what luxury means to them.

The feeling I had knowing I had worked hard to earn my money, I’m going to enjoy this purchase, I enjoyed that moment of feeling special in store and felt happy. I knew I would appreciate my exquisitely made item and those were the reasons I really bought those luxury items.

We all deserve the feeling of joy and happiness when we treat ourselves to a luxury item. Luxury should be for all to enjoy which is why everyone when they make a purchase of a Melita Latham Travel product will have those same feelings I had when I bought my first designer purse.

The smile on my face was the same as every person buying from the counter in Harrods, although my new CD purse had zero pounds in and the lady behind me may have had hundreds of pounds in hers, for one minute we felt the same emotions when we saw our luxury item for the first time. We all deserve a touch of luxury in our lives which is what I want to achieve with Melita Latham.

Yes, there will be products that will be more expensive than others in the Melita Latham range but they will all be loving packaged, with ribbon, dust bags, a thank you note, neatly placed in a presentation box just for you.

I want you to feel the same feelings I have when I come home with any luxury item purchase I have made especially a Melita Latham item. The moments where you look at your purchase over and over seeing its beauty, the pairing your item with your latest clothes outfit or putting it somewhere safe until you use it, or not use it at all because you don’t want to ruin it. I did that on many occasions which trust me is an absolute shame.

Keep an eye out for the next Chapter and soon you will able to to see the full Melita Latham range.

I hope you will fall in love with all the Melita Latham products as much as I love them.

With Love

Mel x



  1. 02/09/2017 / 7:16 pm

    Exciting times!!! Will these be female focussed products?

    • Melita
      02/09/2017 / 7:47 pm

      Thanks Simon, Melita Latham is a unisex brand and we have some amazing products for both male and female. I can’t wait for you all to see very soon.

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